nomumimnotdead Days 202-226

Apparently I did that thing where it’s been quite a while since I last made an update on this travel blog… Sorry about that!

Not a whole lot has changed from my last blog where I updated you all on what a standard week looks like for my wife and me at the moment. Although I have been working with a few folks at the Apologia studios to (partly) demolish their old T.V./Radio set and rebuild a new one for the new style of show that they’re going to be producing called “Next Week with Jeff Durbin”. From what I can gather this will be a late night show that streams live on Facebook in a humorous, edgy, late night style show from a Christian perspective. I’m quite the excitement for it to come out and may even get up early to watch it once I get back home so I can see it live! Check it out on Facebook and stay tuned!

However, I must write about our recent trip to Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon and Sedona!!! We had always planned on going to the Grand Canyon whilst here and then everyone whom we told we were going to Phoenix said we HAD to go to Sedona, so we put that on the agenda too. Then, as it turned out, Flagstaff was a super nifty town fairly well between the two, which also happened to have nice, cheap hotels 😀

After hiring our car (which turned out to be a minor fiasco… but moving right along) we then drove back “home” to pick up our luggage. Then we made the 2 or so hour drive to Flagstaff, our home base during the 3 days we were in the area. Flagstaff turned out to be a really Kool place to be, my wife certainly found a great appreciation in the culinary delights there!

There were breweries, great coffee stores, several wine rooms, restaurants of all different sorts. Whilst all of these things probably exist in Phoenix where we’re staying they are a bit more few and far between (to be fair Phoenix is MUCH bigger, more populated and spread out). Our first day saw us dining on burgers at diablo burger and sushi/ramen at karma.

Day 2 of the trip was to the Grand Canyon! I protested at first, but in hind sight I’m glad my wife decided she wanted to get up quite early to leave for the Canyon. We were among some of the first there and it made for a nicer hike into the belly of the beast. Even still there was still a few folks about. Contrary to the popular phrase, when relating to the Canyon – “What goes down must come up!” Not that the way down was even that easy, but at least the first, fairly steep, uphill part of the hike up was… well strenuous and 3 days now after doing the hike we can still feel it! After we had finished this hike we had a look at one of the information boards there and it turns out that we did the hardest 1 day hike that they have there! After this we spent another hour or so taking a much more leisurely hike around part of the rim of the Canyon and looking down, marvelling and praising God for His amazing work.

Day 3 of the trip we went to Sedona. We didn’t really have much of an idea what Sedona was about. People had just told us that we HAD to go there and so we did. It was certainly well worth it. It’s in some ways unfortunate that we were still fairly tired out from our hike in the Canyon the previous day, because there were some very worthwhile hikes to be done onto various rocks etc.

The town itself is interesting. Worth having a look at, but really the scenery around is what you should go for. For those of you familiar with Byron Bay in N.S.W. there was a definite shout out to that kind of HUGELY new age vibe that they have going on there. My wife and I know of various new age things and are certainly not new to the concept. But this was next level! There was apparently a group that met last new years at a certain place to watch creatures rise from the earth and an alien ship land… yep! As funny as this is, it’s also incredibly sad that people will believe this kind of stuff. My prayer is that the Lord is gracious to them and grants them repentance and faith in Him.

On our final day we woke up to SNOW!!! Yep you heard it (well… you read it) SNOW! Considering the temperatures that we had been experiencing in Phoenix not long before leaving, I was certainly not expecting that only a couple of hours away

! Anyhow, we had our breakfast at the hotel, went and got a pot of tea (very important to my lady) from “Steep”, bought another gift and then made our way back down the merry ol’ road to Phoenix.

Before I end, I must also give a shout out to Macy’s in Flagstaff. No, I’m not talking about the fancy department store (similar to David Jones) but a little coffee store there which makes a VERY handy cup of coffee. Again, to my Australian friends, when in America or Canada, make the switch to drinking drip filter coffee or “Americano” (what we would call a “long black”).

God bless y’all.


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