Nomumimnotdead Days 186-201.

We’ve been continually blessed during our stay here in Phoenix!

Here’s what a basic week looks like for us at the moment.

Sunday: Well, for a start I generally wake up pretty happy on a Sunday! We get to go to two of the Churches to visit two of the groups/people that we came here to see oh, and also worship the God of all! We start off at Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church for an adult Sunday school at 0930, the main service at 1045, then come home for a spot of lunch and then we make the journey to Apologia Church in Tempe. A couple of the Church members have a coffee van which they park out the front of the Church for a couple of hours before hand. So as of last week, we try to get there early to grab a coffee before the service 🙂

Monday: This is a restful kind of day for us. We generally go out for a coffee somewhere or to lunch.

Tuesday: On Tuesday the “Dividing Line” is recorded most weeks. So I make the 12klm or so ride up the road to a different part of Phoenix to watch Dr. James White record that. My dear lovely wife generally stays at home during this time or occasionally does some shopping.

Wednesday: We start early this day and meet with some of the members of Apologia Church at the Planned Parenthood in Tempe to try and convince women not to go through with abortions, offer ANY help needed and preach the Gospel. This has been a really satisfying time for me as I’ve wanted for ages to step out a bit more in matters of faith. It’s important to state that while God hates abortion and calls it murder, He will absolutely forgive people who have had or considered abortions (or sinned in any way for that matter) if they will turn from sin (repent) and trust in Jesus and His substitutionary death on their behalf on the Cross. We’ve done (and do) the crime – Jesus paid our fine! Repent and trust Him today!

Thursday: We’ve been blessed on this day to be able to go to the Apologia Studios and watch the gang record their podcast and T.V. show and in general just hang out and get to know folks a bit better. If this isn’t on today I would go to watch the Dividing Line be recorded again – Dr. White generally releases two shows a week. Search up the “Dividing Line” and “Apologia Radio” on iTunes!!!

Friday: Friday is, again, a bit of a rest day without too much going on generally.

Saturday: Saturday is much like Wednesday in that we again go to Planned Parenthood with Apologia Church.

So there’s a fairly standard week for us at the moment!

In addition to these things, last week we went to the Phoenix Zoo. There were reports around that it was better than the San Diego Zoo. Well it was well worth going to, but the San Diego zoo was certainly pretty amazing. Though the weather at the Phoenix Zoo was much nicer than our hot and humid visit to the San Diego Zoo a few months ago.

Our main form of transport, including to and from the zoo, is cycling! I think I’ve mentioned before that the area is really nice to cycle around as it’s pretty well all flat! It’s not uncommon for us to cycle between 20-30klms in a day! I’m considering joining the B.C.C.C. when we get back 😛

We’ve also enjoyed connecting with a few locals and getting some produce off them. We found a lovely guy on craigslist (the American equivalent of “Gumtree”) who has met us at a couple of different locations to sell us his chickens eggs. These eggs are quite the tasty and some of them even have blue/green shells! Then, just around the corner from us we met a couple who run a stall at a few of the local markets selling their garden produce and also home made pizza style things, home smoked sausage (which is delicious) etc. The husband was involved in the setting up of a local breweries restaurant and he’s been able to get us some free samples from there!

God bless y’all.


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