Nomumimnotdead Days 183-185.

It’s been a relatively full but also pretty enjoyable few days. Let me catch you up day-by-day.

Day 183.

On this day we attended a, on one side “Defund Planned Parenthood” and on the other side “Don’t defund Planned Parenthood”. Without going overly into the substance of the rally, from a cultural standpoint I think my feelings can be summed up by the welcome one of our new friends from Tempe gave us. That being: “WELCOME TO AMERICA!”. Before our friend said this I had literally just said to my wife “This is so un-Australian”, not in having an opinion, but having a controversial opinion and going to a rally in order to stand up for that opinion. Though I guess this kind of thing is happening more and more even back home.

I am fervently pro-life and anti-abortion and believe that from the moment of conception “it’s” a human being, not simply a cluster of cells and thus is worthy of the same right to life that any other human being is afforded. It’s possible I’ll write more extensively on this elsewhere. But one thing I did want to comment on was – yes there was some behaviour from both sides that was not brilliant. Although I clearly have a bias I would still say the MAJORITY of non-brilliant behaviour was from pro-choicers. That being said I would commend both sides that they protested so peacefully together. Americans are afforded the right to peaceful protest under amendments to their constitution and peacefully protest they did. I myself and others were literally standing side-by-side with people from the opposing camp holding signs with very much opposing view points, but mostly, peace was held – well done and God bless.

Day 184.

This was Sunday and for us this currently means pretty much a full day of Church. We started off the day at 0930 with an adult Sunday School at Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church where Dr. James White laid some groundwork on “The Nature of God up to Nicaea”, there was quite a lot of ground work/background laid here and he’s hoping he can move through some more “meat” next week. Then we had a 1045 main service at the same place where Pastor Don Fry preached through Luke 16:1-13 here is a link. Myself and my wife have grown to quite like Pastor Fry’s preaching since being here.

Then in the evening we took the light rail (here called a “Trolley”) to Tempe to go to Apologia Church. We had spent some time with these guys during the previous week, but they had been in Hawaii laying some ground work and researching for a Church plant they’re doing there the previous Sunday. Thus, I found it really Kool to see them do their thing during the normal Church service. This included Pastor Durbin doing a baptism with one of the congregation members – what a blessed treat!

Day 185.

This was today – Monday! Our plan that we made for today was to go to the Chandler outlet mall as there were a few things that we wanted and thought we might get cheaply there. The ride there involved 2 buses, each of which where around 40mins. With walking time this meant it took around 2hrs to get there. Well, perhaps it was our motivation levels, or something else, but we didn’t really find the mall that great.

However it did provide us with a few humorous stories in the end. On the way there we had caught an Uber from near our last stop to the mall. As it was a short drive or around an hour and twenty minutes walk! This was fine and all, we also did the same thing on the way back in preparation for catching the bus. After leaving our Uber we went to get a coffee and then discovered I had left my wallet somewhere along our way! I must mention here the kind lady who paid for our coffees – on the off chance that she ever reads this: Thank you and God bless you! After having retraced our steps from the Uber and trying to call the Uber unsuccessfully, my wife got on to the customer service at the mall. Thank GOD it was there!

Obviously it was quite relieving to have it back in my hands. I had to fill out a small amount of paperwork to get it back from security and the security guard showed me an itemised account of the currency that was in there. Now, I often carry around in my wallet $1,000,000,000 Gospel tracts which look somewhat like $100 Australian bills. To my great amusement under the Australian currency he had written $7,000,000,000 (there were 7 tracts in my wallet)… this was a great stress breaker to my wife and myself and we had a good laugh about it afterwards.

After this we had dinner out after catching another Uber and a couple of buses and now here we are at home.

God bless y’all!



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