Nomumimnotdead Day 182

Today started fairly normally. I got up a little earlier than my wife, switched on the fantastic drip coffee machine (I take pleasure in getting it all ready the night before so in the morning I just flick it on and away she goes!), did some Bible reading and then later woke up my wife with a cup of tea (she’s happy in that we found her some good quality leaf tea. Leaf tea can be very difficult to find over here, with tea bags reigning supreme).

After the morning routine we went out to a coffee place called “Lux”, in Phoenix. Well Lux was pretty tasty, but also apparently quite well known! There was quite a few people around, but the number of people seemed to add to the bustling, exciting vibe of the place. Then we rode to a French grocer, aptly called “French Grocery”. This was a pretty Kool place too and one that we’re likely to visit again. It had quite a good selection of wines, cheeses, beers and some veerrryyy tasty looking pastry items to boot.

Phoenix is delightful to ride around at the moment. Partly because of the AMAZING weather (tops between 25-30c/77-86f). This would usually be nearing on the too hot side for me. But there is very little humidity here and perhaps my body is still getting over the shockingly cold weather of Canada! Phoenix is also veeeerrrryyy flat, which means you’re very rarely putting in a great deal of exertion to ride around. Beautiful weather and no hills – quite a combination!

Moving on from the French grocer, we went to the world’s best grocery chain (at least the best one I’ve come across) “Wholefoods”. We’ve made somewhat of a daily routine of going here. It’s around a 20min ride from our house and even has a nifty bar attached to it as well if you’re feeling like a beer or wine after the shopping!

After returning home and having some lunch and a chat I went back to Apologia studios to see the “Apologia Academy” being filmed. This was with the same speaker as I mentioned yesterday – John Barros. This was a good time of connecting with a few more people and talking with a few of the crew at Apologia that I saw yesterday.

Tomorrow we’re planning on going with some of the folks from Apologia to the planned parenthood. They meet there every Wednesday and Saturday to preach the Gospel and try and convince people not to murder their kids. Should be an interesting time and likely a challenging time – would love your prayers Christian folks!

As I’m getting back into the swing of things it would seem that I’ve forgotten to make a point of taking photos to add some graphics to these blogs. However, I hope you enjoyed the ducks!

God bless y’all.


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