Nomumimnotdead Days 179-181

As my wife pointed out to me tonight we’ve now almost been in Phoenix for a week! In this first week done a few of the more preparatory things such as buy some basic grocery items, investigate transport, get to know the place a bit etc.

We’re living in an area which is quite safe, none-the-less there is some crime about. One of our preparatory things to do was to buy bikes as these will be our main mode of transport whilst we’re here. However, the guy at the pawn shop where we bought them seemed relatively sure that we’d be seeing him again to purchase another couple of bikes 😛 Right after we bought the bikes, we went and bough a lock for them – so far, so good.

We’ve been to a few good cafes so far and tasted some good stuff. Our choice so far is ‘King Coffee’ in Tempe. We saw it was rated 5/5 stars and as we were in the area and felt like coffee we went for it. One critique is that my wife’s drip coffee was cold. However the flavour was good. I feel the need again to say to my Australian compadres, that when coming to America or Canada DRINK… DRIP… COFFEE!!! I know it’s portrayed awfully in the movies etc. But it’s almost always MUCH better than trying to persevere with lattes/cappuchinos etc. Also, iced lattes can often be pretty good!

Today, our highlight was going and hanging out at Apologia Studios and meeting the crew that I have admired for a decent amount of time there! Everyone was so welcoming and lovely to us! As they had the opportunity most everyone came up to us and introduced themselves to us. It was really, really Kool to meet some of these people whom I have admired and loved.

They also had a great speaker there who does A LOT of ministry at an abortion clinic where he comes from. His name is John Barros and his website is .  He’s seen an amazing amount of babies saved from death and people come to Christ through what the Lord has done through him. His Church has sort of commissioned him to be there at the abortion clinic – it’s amazing to me what happens when the Church functions as it should! Glory to God! It was wonderful also to meet him and listen to the stories that he shared.

Tomorrow in the afternoon I’m going to attend the studios again to watch them film the “Apologia Academy” with this same speaker. This, I think, is a kind of in depth video class thing that the Apologia crew put out.

We’re so blessed to have this time here and I’m so thankful that the Lord has given it to us and allowed us to make good connections so quickly.

God bless y’all.



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