Nomumimnotdead Days 140-178

Good day y’all! I wanted to do a bit of a conclusion today to our time in Canada and a brief introduction to our time starting (again) in the States.


We mentioned, more than once to some of our friends and such in Canmore (where we were in Canada) that our time there REALLY was great! This was more than your polite “Thank you for a wonderful time”, this was a truly meant: “No! We REALLY did have an amazing time – thank you so much”.

There are many things that made it so fantastic. For those of you who have kept up with these blogs you will have seen the pictures of the AMAZING mountains that surround Canmore. Somehow I doubt that you ever tire of those views. One thing I loved about finishing late at work (around 2315) was the walk home where I would see this magnificent deep blue of the night sky behind the silhouette of the grandiose mountains – truly amazing. I never took a picture of it because I was relatively sure my mobile phone camera wouldn’t be able to capture the magnificence (sorry!). Also, the friends that we made. One of my friends even took me on a trip to go skating at Lake Louise and multiple of my wife’s friends had coffee or meals with her outside of work time. The involvement at Church was also good and the notion of getting away from everything you know, where you’re not known by anyone and you have no real commitments really is as good as it sounds! We are so thankful for our time in Canada – thank You Lord, what an amazing blessing it was.

More specifically though – on our last couple of days in Canada we, of course, cleaned up the apartment that we had stayed at, went for a final skate or two on the frozen pond. On one such occasion I decided that it would be a fantastic idea to ride my bike onto the ice and after (intentionally) trying to do a skidding stop I did a “handy-dandy dismount” which was really much more like semi violently falling off my bike 😛 No major injuries though. We also took an amazing walk up Sulphur mountain in nearby Banff where we happened to meet up with another Australian couple at the bottom and walked and talked our way up the 5.5klm mountain hike with them – a good time and a great view from the top.

The States!

I specify “The States”, by the way, because technically the whole of this continent is the “Americas” and some from Canada etc. get a little testy if you refer specifically to people of U.S. decent as “Americans”.

Our purpose for this time in the States is, primarily, to spend sometime with a few Christian groups/people that I/we have listened to/watched from home in Australia. So just about as soon as we could, we got in to that!

Sunday, we went to Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church where a guy called James White (Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, ) is an elder and often preaches and/or teaches the adult Sunday school lesson. After the services I introduced myself to him and ended up today going and watching him produce the podcast he makes called “The Dividing Line”. It really was so exciting, here is the podcast that I attended. I am the “studio audience” that he refers to.

Dr. White also happened to be filling in at the other Church that we planned to attend whilst we’re here: Apologia Church. Thus we got to see him teach twice in a day!

There are plenty of other things that I could say about how good our time in the States has been so far, but so as not to make this blog too long I want to finish with the following. There seems to be somewhat of a feeling from those outside the U.S. that there is an ethnic cleansing going on within the U.S. and also that it’s now impossible to get in here. Let me speak, in short, to the latter comment first. Perhaps it is not everyone’s experience, but it was FAR easier for us to get into the U.S. this time, than when we travelled here in mid August of 2016. There were multiple ethnicities on the plane that we caught and everyone seemed to get along just fine getting here. Secondly (in response to the first comment), we currently live pretty close to the border of Mexico. As such there are rather a lot of Mexicans here. Not yet have I seen any of them being swooped up by SWAT teams or thrown in the back of paddy wagons and taken south.

I am afraid that when I make this next comment all that people will see is a critique of the left wing from someone who is right wing. Leftists – please don’t shut down and please do read what I say, I’m not making a blanket, negative criticism of everything left wing! I am not whole heartedly against everything the left does but what has become fairly clear to me is that over the last little while (probably even long while) people are listening to and believing as almost Gospel FAR too much of what the predominantly left wing media throws at them. PLEASE, PLEASE, please, take time to evaluate news stories and get some sources from ‘the other side’ too. I myself have realised recently that not all of what I read/view from right wing sources is as full of truth as I would hope. It is SO important to evaluate and not simply be fed.

I want to make my final point Theologically. No matter who is President, Prime Minister, the royal ruler…. the head authority figure in a human capacity. God is still on His throne. He is still in control and none of this has surprised Him, in fact I put it to you that He has ordained it to happen for His own glory and for the good of His people.

Here’s a fantastic Bible verse related to this last section:

“The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.” Proverbs 18:17.

God bless y’all.



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