nomumimnotdead Days 112-139.

Well never mind the hum-drum stuff of everyday… Though let’s be serious when every breath is a gift from God there’s quite a lot to be thankful for – very little is hum-drum. Apart from, going to work (working an increasingly large amount of night shifts 1515-2315.. kinda getting used to it) and all of that sort of thing it’s been CHRISTMAS since the last time I wrote!!!

This was mine and my wife’s first white Christmas! Will it be the last… who knows?!? We had planned to go to Church on Christmas day but unfortunately both of us were sick, especially my wife. It seems we spent too much time ice skating a few days prior to Christmas day and gave ourselves a bit of a chill, or caught a cold going around town. In any case, we weren’t in the best of health. However, we were well enough to enjoy each other’s company, my wife still cooked up some great food (which is unfortunately now mostly gone), watch a Christmas movie and some ‘Modern Family’ and drink some egg-nog or as we now call it – sleep juice (due to the fact that it seems to lull you to sleep around about 20mins after you drink it).

Also, as was implied by the last paragraph, we purchased ice skates since the last time I wrote! Though both of us have skated before, we were thankful on our maiden voyage we were able to go to an ice rink where we were alone… and had walls 😛 We soon seemed to find our feet though and off we went! We’ve now skated on that small ice rink, once on the oval in Banff and twice on a frozen pond in Canmore where we’re currently living 🙂 The pond is our favourite: Firstly – it’s a frozen pond, ‘buff said. Secondly it’s the biggest ‘rink’ we’ve been to yet and even though there’s often a lot of people there it’s just so much fun!

The weather has been a little more bearable recently – not quite so many -25c temperatures or the like. The last week has only got as cold as -12c or so during the day and has mostly been more like -5c. This, yes, still sounds very cold to most of y’all reading, but trust me – compare to -30c it’s amazingly bearable.

There’s a new years eve family party on this frozen pond I’ve been talking about! My wife is thinking of going, as yet I’m not sure whether I’ll be there or not as I have work until the same time that it’s supposed to end. However, there’s supposedly lights over the pond so a skate might be in order anyhow!

God bless y’all.


Repent and Trust the Saviour!



2 thoughts on “nomumimnotdead Days 112-139.

  1. Wouldn’t it be amazing if they put lights UNDER the ice of the pond!! Hope you are now recovered from sickness and are back to full enjoyment of life! Love you!


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