nomumimnotdead Days 109-111

Wednesday and Thursday of this week had us going up to Jasper, Alberta. We were a little nervous as we had heard from a daily update website that the roads were partially/fully covered in snow and there was some ice etc. But as it turns out, though this was the case, the snow was surprisingly grippy and fine to drive on. We didn’t even a little once, except whilst doing ‘u-turns’ 😛 Though, I must give credit and thanks to God, as our blissful travels were a direct answer to prayer.

We travelled through what may well be the most amazing terrain I have ever seen. Much of our time travelling was spend in silence, I guess just due to the fact that we were too awe-struck to begin to describe what we were seeing. I shan’t put a great deal of effort into trying to describe what we saw, but will let the pictures speak for themselves.

On the way up we stopped at a few places including Peyto lake, where we saw big hoof prints of some sort (probably moose or elk) and also some fairly large looking ‘dog’ (or quite possibly wolf) prints. On the board walks here we were sure we were walking on 60cm’s or so of snow – there was SO much! We also stopped at Sunwapta falls and Athabasca falls. Both of these were partially frozen over – something which boggles my mind, the thought of powerfully moving water ever freezing over is just… crazy! Every place we stopped was amazing! We also stopped at the Columbia Icefield Glacier – big, blue blocks o’ ice on the side of mountains covered in snow… WOW!

Another new experience we had was being stopped for around an hour whilst council workers essentially set off bombs to clear possible avalanches… way Kool!

On the way back we stopped at a frozen lake as one of my friends on Facebook had posted a video of someone skipping rocks on a frozen lake and the amazing noise it makes (video can be found here:   ). To our surprise the noise is actually quite legitimate – if you ever get a chance to skip rocks on a frozen lake, or even just throw rocks onto a frozen lake, do so!

As for Jasper itself, a comment voiced to us by one of the folks who lived there (though originally from New Zealand) pretty much summed it up. She said something along the lines of “Winter here is like living in a children’s book”. There was a covering of snow pretty much everywhere and it just had this beauty and child like-ness about it… very Kool.

Also in Jasper we stopped at the “Snow Dome” coffee store, which shares it’s residence with a laundromat. This was hands-down the best coffee I’ve had in my 3 months or so of being on this continent thus far. If you go to Jasper, go there!

It was just an amazing time, maybe I’ll get to go there sometime again, maybe not. But I know I was very, very blessed to go there in the first place anyhow.

God bless y’all.


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