nomumimnotdead Days 95-108.

Well, well, well! Here I am in sunny Canmore and there you are in… wherever you are. Thank to everyone who has had a read of these blogs 🙂

Life for myself and my wife here has continued on in a fairly blissful form. I guess it’s easier when you have a little more time to reflect on how blessed you are rather than just skipping by in the busyness of life.

The weather here has started to get a little colder, though it’s still been fairly ‘warm’ compared to what it would often usually be according to the locals. Over the last couple of week we’ve had lows of as low as -12 and mostly not getting much higher than 6 or so, if that. It’s sounds silly to say, but it’s amazing how much wearing the right clothing makes it seem not even cold at all. We both, thanks to my Grandma, have a lovely warm jacket to wear. Often I have even felt too warm as I have rode along.

Speaking of riding! That’s one of the major developments in our life here. My wife on one of her days off was stopped by the river looking at the ducks, as she likes to do, and discovered a bike lying by the waterside looking as if it had been there for a decent amount of time as it was partly overgrown with grass and such. We went back a couple of days later and it was still there. It turns out it’s actually quite a good bike. In fact the bike that I used to have at home (a Norco Sasquatch) is much the same as this bike – a Norco Kompressor. I went to a couple of the local bike stores to ask if anyone has reported a stolen bike and my wife put it on the local ‘Buy, Swap, Sell’ pages, but no-one has contacted us yet with an accurate description of the bike. So I’ve scored myself, at least for the time being, a bike worth over $1k… not bad I say!

There’s been a bit more snow here recently, though it has mostly melted away. That being said the weather forecast (which is ever changing) says this weekend it’s supposed to get down to as low as -16c and not get much above -5c (if that) and there should be some snow. Seems that winter may finally be upon us! It’s been enjoyable talking to family in Australia and imagining the temperatures there compared to what it is here… different to say the least!

Tomorrow we are going on a two day trip to Jasper which should be great! Hopefully I’ll post a little sooner and keep you updated!

God bless y’all.


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