nomumimnotdead Days 86-94.

Largely the weather here has continued in fine form. I was saying in a FaceTime conversation with my Father recently that the weather has been ranging from around 12-18 during the day but is usually quite still and has been nice and sunny so even when it’s on the lower part of that range it’s actually still gorgeous! The locals are surprised it’s still this warm though so I’m assuming colder days are coming soon. In that regard there was a little rain today and once it had mostly cleared it revealed an increased amount of snow on the hills around.

We’ve both still largely been enjoying work. At my job we had a new recruit come and go in one shift and as such I got ‘called-in’ for an extra part of a shift on Saturday. We also had someone come in twice the other day and steal stuff so I’ve been waiting and watching like a man on a mission (perhaps mission impossible??) to see him and watching others more closely.

The last two Fridays I went to a men’s Bible study early in the morning (0700… okay that’s not THAT early đŸ˜› ). I’ve enjoyed this, I’ve never really gone to a Bible study before. We’re studying through a book called “Living with confidence in a chaotic world – David Jeremiah” and then more closely following the Bible passages that he speaks of in his book. It’s been nice to hear some people speak out about some Theological convictions that I hold dear. I look forward to participating more in the future!

Also, I’ve almost certainly decided on a Theological Seminary that I would like to go to: Whitefield Theological Seminary in Lakeland, Florida. I can study via distance and I even received a call from the president of the college in relation to a few questions I had. We had a good chat and it made me all the more convinced that it was a good choice.

Of course it’s hard to avoid all the talk of the American election result. It’s been a bizarre mix of emotions: excited (yep believe it or not I prefer this result to the alternative), relieved, sad (at some of the backlash from both sides), annoyed, bored… yep… a mix. I would add it’s also at least moderately difficult to be becoming increasingly conservative in a world that seems bent on the other direction. But I’m sure you’ve all had plenty of conversations about this yourself, so enough from me.

Our home life has continued to be wonderful and relaxing. Generally on a day off together we will have our first coffee/teas at home and some breakfast, go for a walk to get a coffee, perhaps do some other errands in town whilst we’re there and then often either go for a decent walk or come home for some lunch and dump our shopping and then go for a walk. We’re truly, truly blessed to be having this time. Thank You God!

God bless y’all.


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