nomumimnotdead Days 81-85.

Weather-wise it’s been a fantastic couple of days here in Canmore. Generally it’s not been much below 0c at night (if even that cold) and days have been sunny even getting as high as the mid teens or slightly above. As I’ve shared before there was a cold snap here a couple of weeks ago with snow and all so the relative heat is kinda bizarre given that it’s fall here and it should be getting colder and colder. It’s been lovely and sunny too! It’s made for some super enjoyable days to be out and about (read those last three words again with a Canadian accent… hehehe).

Over the past 5 days unfortunately my lovely wife has not been working. No she’s not sick or anything, it’s just that her work has shut down for a week and a half for a bit of a break in the slower season. This is lovely and all, but really she would like to be at work having her mind stimulated especially when being at home often means being by herself.

That being said yesterday she went for a wonderful walk (which we repeated and then added onto today) and read her Bible over looking some of the Canmore valley. Also, due to my wife’s amazing efforts, last night we had some pork ribs that were ordered from our friend at ‘Locavore Foods’ (a small sourcer and on-seller of quality and well farmed products). The ribs were probably the best that I’d ever had!

We have also discovered that folks around here really get into celebrations… practically whatever it might be. Thanksgiving was fairly full-on for folks, as was halloween, there’s some amazing Christmas stuff in stores now and also there is an abundance of people wearing red poppies on their collars for remembrance day (though I guess that’s not a ‘celebration’ as such).

As I mentioned before, today we went on a walk part way up one of the hills (mountains) here. There was a fairly flat warm-up followed by a short but ferocious ascent and then a very pleasant walk through some forest (thankfully we didn’t get eaten by bears) and following the forest we found ourselves on a tarred trail that went beside a nice golf course that is nestled on the side of the mountain. Though the course seems to be closed and thus we had a b-e-a-utiful walk by ourselves through some beautiful forest on one side and golf course on the other side and the beyond the golf course some amazing houses. After this part of the walk we found ourselves walking through a subdivision where there are clearly some people with a lot of dollars (not necessarily a bad thing my left-leaning friends and family!) The houses around there were quite amazing and had simply stunning views. After walking through another very brief part of forest there was the opportunity for us to finish our walk with a nice drink at the “Irongoat”, a local moderately fancy-pants restaurant. But as we already had some wine etc. waiting for us at home we passed by this this time.

Church tomorrow morning followed by a late shift for me – 1515-2315!

God bless y’all.



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