nomumimnotdead Days 76-80.

Another good couple of days in balmy Canmore… or shall I say, increasingly cold Canmore! Whilst there hasn’t been anymore snow, the mornings have been getting a little colder the past couple. Last night when I walked home from work (admittedly at 2315) there was already a decent frost settled on cars that were out.

We moved into our new digs yesterday – this may well be our most exciting news. We started the day with Church and then my wife scooted off to work and I was to move our stuff from our old place to the new one. It was a little disturbing how many things we’d accumulated even in just a month at the same place. Not many trinkets or furniture items or anything, but mainly food items and a few extra pieces of clothing.

The new place is around a 500mtrs-1klm from the old place and I had planned to move our stuff inside our suitcases in a couple of trips – emptying the suitcases at the new place and wheeling them back empty to then fill them again and then go back to the new place etc. THANK GOD our old roommate offered to help me by giving me a lift in his truck. I had initially anticipated that it would take me two trips by foot, but after looking at all of our things I think at least 3 and maybe 4. So, the use of his truck was very welcome and he was also generous enough to help me get our stuff into our new condo.

It’s been quite a while since my wife and I have had a place to ourselves so coming here has been quite welcome. As such I came home last night to find my wife (who had previously informed me that she would probably be in bed when I got home) dancing around the living room to some “Top Dance Moves” channel/thing she had found on the cable T.V. here. Both of us in general have been pretty happy of late but it was a blessing to see her dancing around the living room having a great time.

My wife now has a week or so off as her work is closing for that time during the “slow season” to give the staff a break and to do some deep cleaning. She’s put her hand up to do some of this cleaning and also has volunteered her time there to watch/help one of the pastry chefs with some special creations that they are cooking.

Most likely where most of you will read this it’s already the next day but none-the-less happy Reformation day!

God bless y’all.


Sola Fide.

Sola Scriptura.

Sola Christus.

Sola Gratia.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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