nomumimnotdead Days 74 & 75.

The last couple of days have been a pleasant couple. As I mentioned in my last blog, my wife and I had day 74 off together. We got up at our usual time, around 0800 or so and had our morning coffee and tea (as I recall my coffee was a particularly good brew that morning). After having some breakfast of eggs and such we went for a decent sized walk to a local coffee roaster/cafe thing here in Canmore.

Much of the coffee houses around here use their coffee (Mountain Blends Coffee Roasters),  some of it is organic and most (if not all) of it is fair trade, so two thumbs up as far as I’m concerned. I did, today, venture into the shaky realm of espresso coffee (i.e. latte, flat white, cappuccino etc.) and decided that – no, infact the drip filter coffee and “pour over” coffees here are definitely the go.

On our way back from the roasters we had some lunch at a little cafe we stumbled upon, just a simple sandwich and soup, but it was edible none-the-less.

Today I worked and my wife was at home. She was kind enough to ride with me to work though and I got a coffee on the way – I do like starting the day with a take-out coffee. My day at work was pretty good. For some reason the day shifts generally seem to go quicker, not sure why, but they do.

A customer came in today and talked privately with one of my co-workers, it seemed from her reaction that somebody they both knew had passed away. So she was a little bit sad after that, but soon went on a break and came back looking a little chirpier – she’s a lovely, tough ol’ bird.

Also I refused service to a young looking fella who came in with all his friends. His friends went first and they were all born in ’96-’97. Thus, he went last and when I asked for his i.d. he said he didn’t have it and thus… sorry mate!

Upon my return home tonight my wife was making up some home made pizzas – dough and all. It was pretty tasty and it’s always impressive to see what a chef puts on a pizza!

God bless y’all.


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