nomumimnotdead Days 66-73.

Wow! Quite a period of silence!

Well during this time we haven’t left Canmore (why would you – it’s so fantastic?!?) My dear lady wife has had her 3rd, 4th and 5th days at work and already has a set of keys and has locked up by herself, trusting lot at La Fournil. Meanwhile, I am into my 3rd week at Safeway and still have to wear my beautiful ribbon informing people that I am “In training to serve you better”!

Due to the fact that I don’t work any kind of standard week i.e. my days off are whenever the boss schedules for me, we haven’t had many days off together. This isn’t too bad as, most of the time when I’m working I start late, so we at least get the start of the days together. Tomorrow however we’re both off 🙂

The Church we’ve been going to is currently in search of a full time pastor and as such has had a member of the elders or a visiting preacher each week to do the preaching. Last week there was a visiting preacher who I liked quite a lot. He did say some things I thought were un-neccesary, but on whole a good message from the passage surrounding the pool of Bethesda. I got in a conversation with a guy afterward though, a guy I had seen play bass and also keys on the musical Worship team and who also hosted my wife when she went for thanksgiving, and we got talking about my playing guitar etc. and it’s likely I’ll play on the music team from time-to-time. A worthy test out for the new guitar I say ;-P

The weather here has continued to be fairly mild. It’s amazing to me how much of a range there isn’t. It’s usually 0c to -2c over night and then reaches a top of between 5c-10c during the day. Although, there be much colder comin’!

Last Saturday we went and saw our next landlords to get the paperwork for that place. We’re moving in there this Sunday probably and am looking forward to having a place to ourselves. That being said our experience here with the room mate we have has been a pretty great experience as far as room mates go.

On my days off by myself a couple of things I’ve really enjoyed are drinking some coffee at any one of the local cafes and reading my Bible and then walking around the slightly brisk town, enjoying the scenery and listening to some podcast goodness!

God bless y’all


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