nomumimnotdead Days 61-65.

A few exciting things have happened since I last blogged!

I think it was on day 61 we travelled to the (fairly) nearby city of Calgary. Calgary is around 80klms from here and there were multiple exciting things about our trip.

  1. We got Tim Horton’s coffee with our room mate who drove us there. Tim Horton’s is a chain over here known for coffee and fast food. It was actually pretty good plus; good or not I enjoy partaking in local customs.
  2. It snowed on the way there moderately significantly.
  3. We drove there in our room mate’s “Ram 1500” truck. Take some large truck (ute) parts add 1500 parts of testosterone and you’ve got a Ram 1500… AMAZING! I’d consider getting one back in Australia but I’m fairly sure it would take up all 4 lanes of a 4 lane highway!
  4. We met our room mate’s best friend and got invited to his halloween party.

For quite a while I’ve fancied “Taylor” guitars and was blessed enough to get one on this trip – it sounds delightful!

Also, my wife has got a job since the last blog! In fact she’s been for two interviews. One at the Irongoat, a local restaurant and the other at the french bakery I often mention. The one at the irongoat was successful and she was offered a job there. She asked if she could let them know later as she had a job interview at La Fournil later in the week. Initially the job at la fournil was just 1-2 days a week with a chance for more later. However between the time when she received an e-mail from the manager and her actual interview one of the newly hired girls stopped turning up and thus my wife was offered at least 4 days a week! Thank you Lord!

She starts this job tomorrow… I have a day off 🙂

Today we took a walk part way up one of the hills here to the “Nordic Centre”. This is a hub from whence one can ski, bike and do active things


! There isn’t really any snow here yet so there’s not a lot of skiing going on and with the impending cold there’s not a lot of biking going on either. But really we were just there for the walk anyhow… quite a strenuous walk up hill I hasten to add!

Apart from that life has been fairly normal: Church on Sunday (which was quite tasty), work, coffee, rest.

I’m missing folks and animals back home a decent amount but I can think of few times of the last decent while where I’ve felt so consistently happy and relaxed. For this I am very thankful to God.

God bless y’all.


One thought on “nomumimnotdead Days 61-65.

  1. Great stuff!! So glad to hear your beloved now has a job that excites her, and that you have an instrument to play – I had wondered how you were managing on that front! Love you both – may you continue to be blessed


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