nomumimnotdead Day 60.

Today started fairly normally. I got up first and went about making tea, coffee and having a Bible read. My dear, lovely lady bought me a plunger coffee maker and I have been enjoying its products very much. However the new breed of coffee that I have seems to be a little weaker than the last, so I have resolved to add an extra half scoop when I make my coffee tomorrow… So there.

Part way through the morning ritual I received a text message from my boss informing me that “payroll” hadn’t received my  “Social Insurance Number” form (awkwardly, if you put this into an acronym it becomes S.I.N.) and thus I wouldn’t be able to work today as they need that form before I can proceed. So note to any Australians… or anybody really, travelling to Canada – when you fill out all the necessary forms for working anywhere, it is not enough just to write your social insurance number on the appropriate spaces on those forms, you also need to give them a photocopy of the form which you get from “Service Canada”.

Anyhow, this is all resolved now and on the bright side – instead of working today I got a nice day with my wife.

Today’s weather was beautiful! Sure the temperature didn’t get very high, but it was sunny and not very windy and thus the sun was mostly enough to keep you warm as long as you had appropriate layers on.

My wife’s job situation hadn’t improved much as of first thing this morning and thus I spent a little bit of time praying about this and asking the Lord for something to come up in the next couple of days. As of the end of the day she has a probable part time job at the french bakery I’ve talked about (Le Fournil) and an interview at a local restaurant tomorrow – ain’t God good?!?

We also went for a bit of a walk/ride today to another place where my wife was possibly interested in employment, unfortunately the manager was away until late this month and thus it would be unlikely that any movement would occur with employment until then. So she kept her resume` and on we went.

Upon our return we went to a local (very local) tavern which is around 100mtrs from our unit. They have a passable range of beers and the pool table is free and actually good! It’s located on the bottom floor of an old folks home (a rich old folks home according to our barmaid yesterday).

Tomorrow our roommate has a house inspection so we tidied up a little as well today.

Now we’re having some pumpkin pie, made by my beautiful dame and watching some more Ballykissangel! Woot woot!

God bless y’all.


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