nomumimnotdead Days 54-59.

G’day y’all eh’ (<– see what I did there?!?)

My apologies for a lack of blogging over the last couple of days. Unfortunately for the sake of writing inspirational and exciting blogs, my days have been getting somewhat less inspirational and exciting… at least in a travel blog sense.

I worked on Friday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then had today off. As I have mentioned before I have been enjoying getting used to doing the whole evening shift thing. I think at least 3 of those shifts were from 1515-2315 which is a big change from the 0800-1600 that I was working back at home and also isn’t terribly conducive to writing blogs in the evening!

Weather-wise we’ve had some pretty Kool days over the last little while. We’ve had at least some degree of snow on every one of those days. I over heard a conversation between two customers at my work a couple of days ago. One was remarking that the snow will be here soon and the other responded saying “Ah! That 4 lettered word!” With a definite sense of negativity about him – a little different from my sentiments currently.

Also in the last couple of days we bought Tracey a bike. We had to hike there whilst it was snowing. I keep telling myself that this is only the start of the whole snowing and cold business (which it is) but the reaction of the guy that we bought the bike off when we said that we walked there was one of surprise, so perhaps we’re bolder than we thought??

Whilst there was some snow about this morning it turned out to be a B-E-A-utiful day. We went for a bit of a bike ride/fast walk this morning, got some tea and a hot chocolate from the cafe/bookstore, got some bread from the french bakery, got the season of “Ballykissangel” that we’re up to from the library and then came home. After having some lunch we went for a half decent walk up a couple of the trails in Canmore and ended up in a small suburb which had some fairly sizeable houses in it with some spectacular views. There was one for sale, but I don’t really think our bank account would cover the cost of it currently.

We then walked down  the hill again and then up a shorter (but MUCH steeper) hill to a little look out where we had a wonderful view of some of the surrounding hills and could see over the town too.

Thankfully (Thank God) we got a confirmation from our next landlords that they have checked all the referees that we gave them and they would like for us to rent their house whilst they “snowbird” at a place in Phoenix.

God is good!

God bless y’all.


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