nomumimnotdead Days 52 & 53.

Hey there y’all! Days 52 & 53 have seen me having my second and third days of Canadian employment and Tracey having her first and second.

One thing that’s been odd, but pretty Kool is getting used to working afternoons- night/late night and thus getting up later and having time to spend with each other in the morning instead of the evening. Actually our old routine started so early that we hardly had anytime together in the morning and there wasn’t a great deal in the evening as we went to bed so early, but that aside… The new routine is fun.

One thing I just love about our experience in Canada is the freedom I feel. We have no commitments, we know almost no-one, very few people have very few expectations of us, we can walk everywhere… It’s great! So completely refreshing, I really love it!

Anywho, as to the happenings of our days.

There’s not a whole lot to share. Toward the end of my first day I ended up swapping a shift to do a “closing shift”. This means working from 1515-2315. I don’t know that I ever thought I would finish work that late and it won’t be the last time either. Work for me has been pretty good. I’m thankful that I have liquor store experience as, one of my few criticisms, is that it’s a little bit “you’re on your own kid”. That being said, whenever I do have a question for any of the other staff they’re always very happy to answer, often in a cheery tone and a smile!

My third day (today) saw me helping to unload our first major “load” at the store since I’ve been there. We got either 14 or 17 (I can’t remember) pallets! As you could probably guess this takes the majority of the day to unpack. However it’s a great way to get to know the store a bit better whilst putting everything away.

Unfortunately my wife’s job hasn’t been quite as great and she won’t be going back anymore. She’s found that folks there have been unwelcoming on whole and there has been very little direction given. She certainly didn’t travel across the world to have an awful time at work! Thankfully she has another interview lined up at a chocolatier, this she is quite looking forward to.

Oh oh oh, it snowed a touch last night!

My wife finished later than me tonight and so I went and got us some dinner from a local Indian restaurant called “Green Chili” before she got home. It was BRILLIANT! Definitely worth the 20 min walk there and 20 min walk back whilst listening to sermons/Church history lessons… (oh wait, that’s my idea of a good time 😛  )

God bless y’all.


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