nomumimnotdead Days 50 & 51.

Well, well, well… As mentioned in day 49 I got a job!!!

Day 50:

We had a wee bit of a sleep in today. Probably not what many younger folk would call a sleep in, but a sleep in none-the-less. We had Church at 1030, so we couldn’t go too crazy with napping! I got up with plenty of time to have a Bible read, coffee and to make my wife a tea and such and then got side tracked by the leisurely mood of the morning. Suddenly it was 0950 and we needed to leave by 1000 as the Church we were going to was around a half and hour walk away. Well we got there just on time or perhaps a minute or two late, but that was no worry as the service didn’t start bang on time.

It was a blessing to be back in Church with the people of God! I read a fair bit of the Church’s website ( and I loved their emphasis on the spreading of the Gospel and thus we decided it was a good place to go. The service, especially the preaching was a bit more Pentecostal than I had expected. Though there were some things I disagreed with a bit, there was more good stuff that I loved and agreed with and we left feeling encouraged and with some good things to discuss.

We then went and got some lunch at the French bakery (surprise, surprise), went home, took my pay details to my new workplace and I spent a good part of the rest of the day filling in some of the “initiation” that you have to do to work for “Safeway”. Instead of having an initiation course they now give it to you in black-and-white.

Day 51:

Well today was my first day! It looks from my roster so far that I’ll be working mostly afternoon-night shifts, the earliest I finish this week is 2000 and the latest is 2315!

However the morning saw me getting up a bit earlier and having a good Bible read – so good to get back into the routine of reading in the morning. My wife and I spent a bit of time walking around Canmore again this morning, she got a coffee at the bagel store (in fact two as she got one later in the day in my absence) we also went to a nifty corner store that we’d passed by a couple of times but wanted to go into. Eventually though, we decided to buy some cheese and have grilled cheese sandwiches at home. Usually our go-to cheese is Jarlsberg (in honour of “the devil wears prada”!) However this time we had smoked gouda, definitely worth trying 🙂

Eventually I went to work (today I started at 1400). Work was pretty good, it was great getting back to working in a bottle store – like getting back on a bike! It also made me appreciate all the effort that my former bottle store bosses put into their store. Though this Safeway certainly isn’t awful, there are many things that the Blore’s did very well which made their business more attractive, more user friendly and easier to work at.

After finishing at 2200 I walked home. Part of the way was unlit by streets lights along a really nice board walk near our place. This was a little scary and plenty beautiful at the same time!

God bless y’all.


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