nomumimnotdead Day 49.

Canmore, four seasons in one day… or at least 2-3. This morning it was raining and a little cold and then after we moved house (more to come on this) and went for a walk, we started in the rain but part way through it was sun shining, getting warmish and I was in need of my sunglasses (which I had left at our new place, assuming I wouldn’t need them).

Anyhow, now to moving. This morning after the Bible, coffee and tea routine. We packed up our stuff etc. and proceeded to wait under the front deck out of the rain for a taxi whilst I battled with my phone to make it work. Eventually after losing the battle I had to go back inside the house, connect to the wifi, recharge my skype account and call the taxi via skype.

20161001_133252Thankfully the taxi then came in the next 5-10mins and we were on our way. Oh… did I mention our taxi had a dog in it?? The driver had his small family dog with him in the taxi – so funny! I couldn’t help but think how different this whole situation would be in Australia. One thing that is quite noticeable, more so with the U.S., but in Canada to some extent too, is how so much less things are regulated and people are more easy going about some things – culture can be Kool ey’??

After moving we got a little settled, collected our keys and headed into Canmore to get some supplies and such. It was such a relief to be so close now! We’d be within a kilometer of the city center. We got our supplies and also some coffee from the “Rocky Mountain Bagel Co.”, one of our favourites, but still had some more to get.

We then went to apparently our favourite place (by the sheer volume of times we’ve been there) – the library, and printed off some more resumes. I then went to the “Safeway – Liquor” here and met the ridiculously nice manger aaaaannnddddd…. GOT A JOB! Initially it’s 24-30hrs a week but with the possibility of more. There was a few extra things I needed to apply fully so we went back to our apartment after getting some lunch items and then went back to finish applying.

In the next couple of days I have numerous training/initiation manuals to look through before my applying process is complete, but I plan on doing these fairly promptly as…. I want a job!

The evening had us having some very tasty traditional carbonara made by my wife, with our room-mates out and about in Calgary. It was nice to settle in a little and have most of the evening to ourselves.

God bless y’all.


One thought on “nomumimnotdead Day 49.

  1. Great news about the job, and the move closer to town…. still seems funny to think of you preparing for the weather to get beyond cold when we are just starting daylight saving and hoping that it stops raining some time soon so that we can enjoy Spring! Love you both.


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