nomumimnotdead Day 48.

Today saw us leaving our new home-town of Canmore in search of some items at nearby Banff. I was in need of some decent boots for walking in the snow when it starts (there was a very light dusting on some of the high hills around today), a good beanie and some mittens (all a success for me) and my wife wanted a good scarf (success), a chef’s knife for her new job and some birkies (unfortunately both failures, though she has ordered some online).

Banff is quite a Kool place, though it is also a little difficult not to get a bit overwhelmed with how “touristy” it is, though we had a good time going into quite a few of the gift stores there were a lot of them!

We spent around 3-4 hours in Banff, had some lunch and then caught the bus back to Canmore. Upon getting back to Canmore I went for a visit to one of the managers of the businesses that I had applied for and had what I guess you could call a slightly (though not overly) optimistic chat with her about employment opportunities I also had a chat to a girl at another bottle store (here called a “liquor store”) and that had about the same level of optimism. Though she said that the manager would be in on Sunday and it would be best to come in with a resume and chat to her then – this I will do!

We then went to the french bakery that we went to yesterday (called “Le Fournil”) for a hot chocolate and a coffee, though it turned out their hot chocolate machine was getting fixed. After our tea and coffee we went to the library so I could start doing an online R.S.A. (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and this took up the next hour and a bit.

We were originally going to be meeting our next landlord/room mate for the place where we are moving tomorrow to get the keys, but this was going to be too late. So we had some dinner at a wood fired pizza place and then headed on home.

Our walk home was a little spritelier than usual. It was getting darker and darker and as I’ve mentioned our house is around 4-5klms from the township and… there’s bears! Thus we followed the road a little more than we usually do!

p.s. No I didn’t get the boots pictured, I was just AMAZED that there are boots that are rated for -73.3c!!!

God bless y’all.


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