nomumimnotdead Day 47.

Today was not only pretty fun for the most part but also pretty productive – a nice mix I say!

I had another lovely Bible read on the back deck with my coffee, this time I got the brew a bit better so it was pretty tasty 🙂 I also managed to make my beautiful bride two teas this morning (though the mugs we drank out of could fairly aptly be described as buckets), so she was more happy with her tea intake pre hike into town than yesterday.

After having our beverages we made the walk into town with our cream cheese covered sesame seed bagels in hand (we have found bagels to be one of the best, cheap breakfasts you can get in Canada and the U.S.). This morning was fairly chilly here, there was some small patches of frost around.

First on the agenda was the farmers markets, oddly held on a Thursday. The markets were pretty alright. They were heavier on the gifts, clothes, jewellery side and lighter on the food side. Though there was a good couple of food stores there and we got some Brussel sprouts, garlic and some peppered bacon which we just consumed for dinner 🙂

After the markets we made some plans to go to Banff tomorrow which included hiring a car. We went to the car hire place (quite a small little deal as Canmore isn’t that big really) and unfortunately they were all booked out. We’re still going to Banff tomorrow but not quite as conveniently – public transport it is! We also went to the local library where I printed off some more resumes and completed an online survey that one of my potential employees had sent me.

I handed out some more resumes to a couple of the liquor stores around town, one of them sounded quite hopeful saying that they were looking for some new people and also that a couple of the people who currently work there are moving on shortly – I hope this works out!

My wife however went for an interview today and got a job! Unfortunately it means working Sunday nights, but it’s a job at what seems like a pretty good restaurant and it’s full time – all ticks!

For lunch we went to a French bakery that our hostess had recommended. Well it turned out to be quite an appreciated recommendation. They had tasty looking croissants, danishes, bread, little tartlets… good stuff!

We returned home earlier than we did yesterday, remembering how much of a struggle it was to return yesterday after all of our marching around town. Before returning home we bought a bottle of red and what a great drop it is! We went to an underground (mainly) wine place to get it. Apart from having Canadian wines they also have a good couple of wines from around the world. The one we got is from a vineyard called “Paz”, it’s a cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc blend from Argentina and it’s veeerrrrryyyy tasty.

Upon arriving home we got settled and then drank some of our wine on the front deck overlooking some of the majestic mountains around. Our hostess informs us that there might be some northern lights tonight!!!

God bless y’all.


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