nomumimnotdead Day 46.

A very productive day today. You can tell this partly by the distance that we walked today – my wife and I figured out at the end of the day how far we walked… around 14klms! The place we’re at is around 4-5klms from the town and that’s downhill, so on the way home… well you get it.

Anyhow first on the agenda was a coffee and Bible read. The place we’re at currently is on the last street in Canmore on this side and it’s just forest-y mountain behind. So it was a real pleasure as far as a view went whilst reading and sipping on coffee this morning.

Our first business item though was to meet our landlords for the place we’re staying at from November – the end of January. We were a touch late because I didn’t wake us up early enough. But thankfully that caused no real dramas. The place is in a complex kind of like a hotel but the rooms are owned by private individuals. Some of which rent it out (similar to a hotel) and others live there (like our land lords). They are going to Phoenix for the winter and thus we have the place to ourselves… nice!

After this we went into town to get my wife some tea (as I had only had time to make her one this morning). We succeeded there, finding a place we had seen yesterday that is both a bookstore and has a tea/coffee/light snack thing out the back. Eventually I left my wife there as I had an interview with a guy who owns a couple of stores around town (including the fudge/gift store that I mentioned yesterday). The interview went well and I have a job. But he can only offer me 3 days a week and I am seeking 5 days. So I said I would let him know by Sunday.

After this we got some lunch at a new part of Canmore we hadn’t seen yet. Then went and saw our landlord for the month of October and did some paperwork with him. I’m sure to post pictures in future, but the view from the balcony at his place is amazing. It looks straight out onto the “Three Sisters” (google it or watch this space for pictures later on). This was another success.

We then moved on to the Canmore library where we signed up and rented a few DVDs. The building that the library is in is really Kool. They have a swimming pool, rock climbing walls, cafe, a place to drink you coffee by a fire and of course the library itself among other things.

We also went to a thrift store (yup they’re actually called that here), to a neat little small grocer that sells organics and such (kinda like Foodlovers) and also to “Save-on Foods” so I could hand in another resume. Unfortunately all the managers were away at that moment but the lady I talked to said they would be in tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow we’re going to a local farmers market, one of our favourite things to do!

God bless y’all.


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