nomumimnotdead Day 45.

Today seemed to go for quite a while- but in a good way. I can’t remember if I mentioned in my last blog or not but yesterday evening we boarded a bus from Abbotsford BC to Canmore AB (around a 14hr bus ride). I think my wife and I managed to get around 1.5-2 hr sleep during this time. Somehow the bus ride seemed to go faster than the plane ride over from Australia (of similar duration). I guess because you could see the scenery moving beside the bus and also you had the opportunity a few times to get out, stretch your legs and breathe fresh air.

Anyhow, we arrived at Canmore around 0900 this morning. Our first point of call was breakfast and a coffee (imagine that!) This morning we went to the “Rocky Mountain Bagel Co.” Apart from, funnily enough, selling bagels, they also have a range of 5 or so different coffee types that you can get. All of these except 1 are either organic or fair trade or both – nice. My wife unfortunately managed to pick the only brew that was decaffeinated (oops!) though the waitress was very nice and allowed her to pour it out and fill up with a full strength brew for no extra cost.

After we had our breakfast we caught a taxi to our accommodation. I had thought that Canmore was a fair bit smaller than it is. When we were here before we stayed fairly close to the CBD area. So when the taxi kept going and going I did become a little nervous that we have no form of motorised (or even un-motorised) transport – the shanks-pony it is! But the walk from our dungeon (our room is literally a room with a bathroom behind the garage down a flight of stairs) to the CBD is really nice and you can follow some lovely trails to get there, not just the roads.

However upon arriving at our dungeon, we got ourselves sorted a little and then had a nap for around an hour and a half. After this we were feeling a little more spritely and trundled into town. Here we bought a few things (my wife got some great COLD weather boots for the snow), went into a few stores, had some cheese and biscuits and crackers at a neat little boutique supermarket/cafe thing and also walked into a few stores, met up with our next host where we’re renting for a month and handed in some resumes.

My dear wife has almost certainly got a job at a local restaurant (the first one she walked into!!!) The chef that talked to her said “I haven’t seen a resume like this in a while”. They apparently see a lot of folk coming and going but he was quite impressed with my dear lady’s CV – what a gal!

I applied for the first store that I saw that had a sign up for help wanted (there’s quite a few around here). It was a gifts and fudge shop! So there! The lady in there was also fairly positive about me getting a job. I’m fairly certain to get 2-3 days a week with a possibility of 5 days a week if I can jump between a couple of their stores. I might have an interview with them tomorrow and my wife has an interview on Thursday – Praise the Lord! I also put in an application at Canadian tire… they sell guns and knives… I wanna work there 😛

After handing out resumes we got some dinner at what is descriptively called a “brew pub”as they brew their own beers. This one is called “The Grizzly Paw Brewing Co.” I had a locally farmed elk burger, my wife had a veggie burger and we both had some fantastic beverages to go with – the lady had a malbec (red wine) and I had a red I.P.A. which was probably the best beer I’ve had since coming here – given that we have 4 months here I’m sure it will be a repeat experience!

After walking home as it was getting darker we met our hostess at the house. She seems like a nice girl and I respect her entrepreneurial spirit in renting one of her rooms out as an airbnb (sorry Dad, still not a socialist 😛  ). We also equipped ourselves on our outings with some bagels for tomorrows breakfast and some coffee, milk and coffee cream mmm mmmmm!

p.s. For those at home – check out the beef prices here! This is relatively standard for the U.S. and Canada!!! Goodbye sweet, juicy steak… you know what I want first meal back to Australia!!! ;-P

God bless y’all.


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