nomumimnotdead Day 43.

As I mentioned yesterday, today we went to a Mennonite Church. Whilst there are a few Mennonite Churches in Australia, they are certainly not plentiful and thus, to me, they are largely unknown apart from a little of the reading I’ve done about them since I’ve been here and chats that I’ve had with our hosts about Mennonites.

Well to my surprise, the service was far more similar to services I’ve experienced in the past than I had anticipated, any of the folks at my old Churches VCF or Fresh-hope would have felt well at home. I must re-itterate something I said yesterday though, being that Mennonites seem to be more tangibly involved in their communities and in the world than many other Christians. Now, to be sure, I by no means think that Jesus was simply a social justice warrior and that we should all go shell out all of our life savings for cause ‘x’ and hug a tree. BUT, the Bible very clearly points Christians toward acts of kindness and generosity to our less fortunate neighbours – we MUST NOT forget though, that while physical needs are important and we should put effort into this, people’s spiritual need for salvation is INFINITELY (literally) more important. There is a balance and we need to be involved in both.

After Church our hosts shouted us some lunch at a place where they and many of their friends often go after Church. This was really nice and I had a very tasty burger. For folks from Australia coming to the U.S. and Canada get ready to be asked a bunch of questions about your meal when you order – “How would you like the burger cooked??” “Soup or salad with that??” (<– when they ask this it’s usually included in your meal price) “What’s located at latitude 137.01 and longitude 43.1??”…okay I made that last one up, but the point is make sure you listen after you order as there might well be more to your meal than you at first realised.

Our hosts had a memorial service that they were going to later in the afternoon so they dropped us at home and they went off to that. During this time we sorted out some more of our stuff for Canmore, we leave tomorrow. The Lord has been super amazing and has blessed us with some accommodation in the nick of time (He seems to enjoy doing things in a last moment fashion 😛  ). Previously we had accommodation sorted from November until February (we’re going to leave Canmore in early Feb) and thus still needed something for October. Well before finding this place we were looking at sharing a house with a guy for the entire time but after finding the more preferable (private) option we politely said that we were going to pursue this but if he wanted us just for the month of October then we’d be much obliged. He was fine with this and said that he had a couple of folks to interview for the room but would keep us posted. Well today he sent me a text saying that his friend is going to move in on November 1 and if we were still interested then we can live in the room for October – how great is that?!? James 1:17 says that “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights…” thus I am thankful to God for this blessing.

Also, we booked our bus tickets for tomorrow from Abbotsford (fairly close to us here) to Canmore. A 14 hr bus ride and managed to transfer some money from our Australian bank account to our Canadian one that we opened up here.

So today was a good, productive day and finished off with an Australian bottle of red, some leftovers (nice!), some chats with our hosts and another board game 🙂

Our time here has been a real delight and a good rest before we get back into work. Many sincere thanks go to our hosts for their generosity and hospitality – God bless you.

God bless y’all.

p.s. There is unlikely to be a blog tomorrow as I will be on a bus!


2 thoughts on “nomumimnotdead Day 43.

  1. Awesome stuff! I pray that the bus travel and the return to a working life will be smooth, and full of joy. Your mention of Aust. Reds reminded me of a slip I made yesterday…. I sent out a group email reminding people that our bookshop was open in the afternoon – except that instead of typing “Jacob’s Well Bookshop” I wrote “Jacobs Creek Bookshop”….. One person replied and suggested that it was a suble ploy to get more people to come and browse….! Love you


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