nomumimnotdead Day 41.

Just a short one today as there wasn’t too many “travel” things of particular note.

I had some more of that coffee with fantastic coffee cream (I’m already excited for my one tomorrow morning) and a brilliant breakfast of one of the left over potato pancakes, some eggs and toast.

Our hostess took us on a drive to one of the local shopping areas and we did a couple of things on a list of things to do that my best friend had given us – we had a honey cruller from Tim Horton’s and went to Canadian Tire. A honey cruller is a light honey/sweet flavoured, ribbed doughnut. Canadian Tire is like Bunnings, tire/auto stuff (it started out as a tire store I’m told) hunting/fishing etc. (again I was tempted by BB guns, especially since there was one that that was only $15 or so!!!) and also kitchen stuff – we saw some KitchenAid’s there for $400!

After this we went to the main street of Mission. Our hostess dropped us here and here we had possibly the highlight of my wife’s trip to America/Canada so far. The picture says it all:

dsc_0984We had our lunch where this picture was taken it’s a place called “English Tarts” on the main street of Mission. The gals behind the counter were pommy, the tea was pommy, the tea pot size was pommy… and the sandwich (especially the chutney on the sandwich) was amazing. A great time.

After a little more looking on this street our host picked us up and we returned home. Dinner was on the go when we got home and it smeeelllleeed great! Hamburger soup and some tasty olive sourdough that had been warmed in the oven.

We topped the day off with another board/card game which was kind of like connect 4 with a few added elements.

God bless y’all.


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