nomumimnotdead Day 40.

Today saw us doing some more planning for our departure to Canmore. At the moment our plan is to depart from Mission on Monday evening and catch an over night bus to Canmore (the trip goes for around 15hrs!!!) We’ll then stay in a hotel for a couple of nights and meet up with (hopefully) a couple of potential landlords/room mates. We currently have one potential room mate who is quite keen on us and another one or two in the wings yet to be fully confirmed. Being the kind of folk we are, we’re more keen on a private apartment (here called a “condo” or condominium). Hopefully and prayerfully this works out soon! Whilst this is a guide to our current thinking, nothing is written in stone so don’t take it as Gospel!

Anyhow, now to the rest of the day. I was up early enough this morning that the coffee pot hadn’t finished brewing yet and thus I wasn’t met with the beautiful smell of coffee as soon as I opened the bedroom door. But none-the-less it was soon brewed and I soon had my wife’s tea on the brew and a Bible in front of my face!

Today was the last day of our hostess’ step daughter being here and it is apparently a tradition in their family to have pancakes at least one time when there is any kind of reunion. So that ensued. It was tasty! My favourite combination that I tried this time was a mixed nut butter thing with maple syrup. It was one of those things where you put it in your mouth and your eyes widen with the surprise of how good it is!

Our hostess and her step daughter went to Ikea today, our host went out for much of the day, leaving my wife and I plenty of time to do some more house hunting and job looking. This was a productive time (see some of our results in the first paragraph).

After a fair bit of this looking I made a comment that I was feeling a little sleepy (most likely due to a lack of physical activity) and so we decided that a walk into the local township was in order (around 4-5klms each way). This whole process took us around 4 hours including not seeing a bear, a brief stop for some tooth paste at the chemist and some lunch in a sushi store.

We then walked home and had some coffee and did some more researching and eventually rejoined the others to start the evenings proceedings of dinner and such. Speaking of coffee, I must mention that “coffee cream” over here is delicious! From what we can figure out it’s roughly a quarter to half of full cream milk and a half to three quarters of pouring cream. Put some of that in your filter coffee (or I guess instant coffee) and you’re up for a treat… or better still just drink it straight!

We had “farmer’s sausage” for dinner, some tasty potato pancake type things, salad and some more corn on the cob – very tasty all round. Farmers sausage is apparently a Canadian thing. When you buy it, it looks like a very thick sausage, it’s generally made of pork and it seems like different regions have different recipes etc. Kinda chorizoish, kinda baconish, kinda ground porkish… s’good!!!

After dinner we had a game of “chicken foot” which is a method of playing dominos – great fun and so refreshing to spend time with friends talking and playing a game as opposed to staring at a screen of some sort. Give it a try!


Also check out all the blackberry bush in one of the pics I’ve included!!!

God bless y’all.


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