nomumimnotdead Day 39.

Another sunny, beautiful day in Mission and the surrounding region!

Today we were treated to doing some travelling around doing various bits-and-pieces with our host and her step daughter (also visiting here at the moment). After some coffee and breakfast we soon got ready and started the days adventures.

First up on the agenda was going to our hosts house that she still owns around 5klms up the road. She owns a really nice property of 9 acres. It has a small typical American (sorry Canadians) style barn on it, with the second partial storey for storing hay etc., an amazing old shed where folks lived back in the day (the photo of the small building with the moss on the roof) and the main house where some tenants are currently living. All this is set on a lovely green property where there has been bears, elk and squirrels (which are apparently quite annoying)!

After here we went to a suspension bridge in front of a waterfall. This was located 250mtrs from the car park and the walk to get there was through a really pretty forest. There was so much moss in this forest – so pretty! The waterfall was amazing too. With all the rain here recently our host said it was flowing at around twice its usual rate. It was amazing to see, hear, feel and smell. What’s more it was free 🙂

After the waterfall we went to a markets for some lunch. Three out of the four of us had a delicious “Spicy Italian Prosciutto” panini. Another thing Australians will note about America and Canada is all of the condiments you have in the centre of the table. There’s the usual salt and pepper of course, but also tomato sauce (ketchup), mustard, quite often some form of hot sauce and even then there’s sometimes other things such as spreads and of course various types of sugar for coffee.

Next was a local nursery. Not too much to say here apart from it was quite pretty and it was also Kool to see a few varieties of pine and fur trees that you wouldn’t see back home. Then we went back to the markets to get some items for dinner.

Our hostess generously bought us both our lunch and the items for dinner, I hope we are able to be a blessing to her and her husband too.

A joint effort was made for dinner. But on the menu was marinated chicken breast, salad, corn on the cob and then a cheese platter for afters. Magnifique!

We topped the day off with a great game of cards and some tea!

God bless y’all.


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