nomumimnotdead Day 38.

Today was a very welcome day. After 5 weeks of fairly solid travel with very little “rest” (yes I realise I’ve been on “holidays”, but we’ve been “holidaying” just about every waking hour), a day to do… well, just about nothing was very welcome indeed.

The place we’re staying is around 5klms from the township (Mission, B.C.) and as we no longer have a car and public transport is almost non-existent, we were “stranded”, but this I mean in a very positive way. The place we’re staying at is beautiful and the land around it is also beautiful.

So… something happened today which may or may not cause many of my Australian friends and family to disown me… I… had… and… enjoyed… not… one… but… 3… filter… coffees… OKAY I SAID IT!!! Thankfully none of you can physically hurt me as I’m not even on the same continent as you đŸ™‚ I’m starting to think though that battling, trying to find good espresso coffee could just be a frustrating and repetitive let down. Whilst, yes, we’ve had a few good coffees, we haven’t had consistently good coffees. Whereas everywhere you have filter coffee and Canadians and Americans tend to put more effort into this than their espresso coffees.

In Australia we have instant coffee (which is becoming increasingly scoffed at) and espresso coffee which is where our effort is mostly put. Filter coffee is almost non-existent and is definitely scoffed at, there is also very minimal effort put into it. Whereas in Canada and America instant coffee is almost non-existent, espresso coffee is gaining some traction but filter coffee has been around for ages and they have actually put quite a lot of concerted effort into it. You don’t just have dodgy “coffee scraps and outcasts” put into it – they’ve actually tried and in many cases succeeded, to make it good. But don’t just take it from me, even my chef wife with an amazing palate thinks that the filter coffee is better than the espresso coffee, though obviously it depends a bit on the place.

Anyhow, there’s my latest dissertation on coffee!

After coffee, breakfast and some further looking into housing and jobs in Canmore we went for a walk. As I previously said – the scenery around here is just lovely so even though our walk was a “here, there, back again to see how far it is” style walk it was still really nice and, of course, lovely to be with my Lord, my wife and nature (though still no bears or moose)! Â đŸ™‚

After the walk we did some more researching, some sitting in the sun, had some lunch, did some more researching, my wife had some tea and we did some more researching, sitting in the sun and drank some more coffee! All in all a very lovely day and we’re truly blessed to be with some very generous people of like mind.

God bless y’all.


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