nomumimnotdead Day 37.

As I said yesterday, today marked the last day that we’re to spend with my wife’s sisters (or any family members for that matter) in quite a while. I’ve appreciated this last 5 weeks with the girls. I know there are many experiences we’ve had and places we simply wouldn’t have gone without them here, so I’m thankful to them and to God for blessing us with their presence whilst they’ve been with us o’er here.

As it was our last day together my wife’s twin had done some research to find a nice place to go out to breakfast that specialised in waffles. She was very successful in her searching and we had a lovely breakfast. There was all sorts of other breakfasts, but on the waffle side of things you firstly chose how many waffles you wanted and then there was a substantial list of things you could choose to put with your waffles. I got two waffles with cardamon ice cream, mixed berry compote and Canadian maple syrup… nice! All this great breakfast-ness and the coffee was pretty great too!

As it was raining, we had a brief discussion about what to do, i.e. looking for places that were inside that interested us. We almost decided on going to Vancouver aquarium, which is supposed to be quite world renown, but decided not to as a good portion of it is still outside and it was raining so this wouldn’t have been great. The other thing on the agenda was to go to a particular mall as my eldest sister-in-law had some things she wanted to get.

One bizarre thing about a lot of places in Canada is they don’t seem to open up until quite late. Our breakfast place, for instance, was one of the few places that was open for breakfast that early (0800) and then when we went to the mall there were a lot of places that weren’t open until 1000. This, though, was not a huge issue as it was almost 1000 and after finding a bathroom we soon got started on our shopping.

Myself and my wife didn’t buy anything, though I did get a hair cut. My Serbian hair dresser did a pretty good job AND she only charged me $17… Good thing for “Cuts on Gibraltar” that Canada is a bit far to go for a hair cut!  😛

Whilst at the mall I had communicated with our family friends who are now hosting us and they informed us that the commute from Vancouver to Mission where they are can start to get pretty banked up from around 1400. We had originally intended to get to their place at around 1800 but decided that spending twice as much time getting there in banked up traffic wasn’t our idea of a good time. So we went back to our unit, packed up mine and my wife’s bags and headed on east to Mission. Thankfully the drive wasn’t too banked up, though it did entail more city driving than we were expecting (we had thought it would be one big highway).

After having our final coffee with my wife’s sisters we went to our new hosts house and shortly after bid them farewell.

We’ve had a great time here with our new hosts so far getting to know them a bit better, talking about all things Canada and all things Australia. Tomorrow should be a more relaxed day, though with some researching and booking of travel to Canmore where the main leg of our journey in Canada begins!


God bless y’all.


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