nomumimnotdead Day 36.

For us this is the last full day in Vancouver and it’s also the last full day that we’ll have with my wife’s sisters and the last time we’ll see them for around 8 months! The last 5 weeks or so have been packed full to the brim with blessing and I’m thankful to God for it!

In true me form, let’s start with an anecdote about coffee – If anyone finds themselves in Canada (it might be Canada wide or possibly just British Columbia or possibly even more refined to just Vancouver… but anyhow…) be sure to try “JJ’s Coffee”. Yes they’re a chain, but that doesn’t always mean it’s bad or bad quality (you crazy leftists!!! 😛  ). The coffees we’ve had from JJ’s have been pretty good and we’ve been to a couple of different locations as well.

After coffee today we went to Stanley Park. There are plenty of gardens there, but much of this attraction, which spans over multiple acres… i.e. it’s big, is forest. Forest yes, but really Kool, worthwhile going there type forest. Huuuuuge trees, moss covered under growth, the odd squirrel… it was a Kool place. Unfortunately we had only paid for 1 hours worth of parking and myself and my wife had an appointment with a local bank to open up an account so we couldn’t stay there long. But allow a good couple of hours-half a day for this.

So we and the sisters-in-law parted ways whilst we opened up our account. We had a really nice guy called Daniel help us open the account who also gave us some advice on things to do in Vancouver.

After getting some lunch and returning to our unit we went to one of Daniel’s recommendations – Honey’s Doughnuts in Deep Cove. Deep cove has a kind of coastal feel to it. It’s quite hilly and all the hills sort of lead down into a cove (imagine that!) in a similar way to Kilcare, near Gosford in Australia (I feel a song coming on…). Kilcare is a place myself and my wife are particularly fond of and Deep Cove was certainly pretty Kool too, even though the doughnut store was sold out!

After eating our gelato (instead of doughnuts) we returned to the unit. My wife’s twin went to they gym and the rest of us eventually walked down to the shops to get some things for dinner. My lovely wife made us another tasty meal – the last of her brilliant cooking that her sisters will have in quite a while.

Now we are sitting down to the delights of netflix (this is a very new thing for my wife and I) to watch some “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”… yeeeooowwww!!!

God bless y’all.


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