nomumimnotdead Day 35.

Today was what I’m told was a fairly typical day in Vancouver, also sometimes called “Rain-couver”, on the “wet-coast”. I got up around 0700 and had a Bible read and did some blog writing and much to my surprise my two sisters-in-law didn’t get up until around 0900!

Our day wasn’t really that interesting. Due to the rain we decided to shoot for inside activities and spent much of our day in shops buying some wintery clothes for mine and my wife’s chilly winter that’s coming up.

We did go to a really Kool markets though that’s very much worth visiting if anyone comes to Vancouver. The “Granville Island Markets” is stacked full of different stores and amazing food too. Make sure you go there when and if you come to Vancouver.

Anyhow, not an overly large amount to share today. I did get a call from one of the jobs that I’ve applied for though – exciting times!

God bless y’all.


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