nomumimnotdead Day 34.

First full day in Vancouver!

The eldest sister-in-law went her own way today to go on a whale watching tour. She paid around $130 for it but said it was the best thing she had done so far on our trip. I was really pleased she had such a great time and yes, she saw whales. In fact their boat followed a pod of Killer whales!

The rest of us after getting a coffee went to the “Capilano Suspension Bridge”. This was a little expensive, around $40 each, but I would almost say it was worth it, certainly I didn’t feel too sore about spending that much money by the time we finished our time there. There are quite a few suspension bridges to walk across there. The main one at one time held up a 70ton tree that had fallen on it during a particularly ferocious Vancouver storm… This made you feel pretty safe about walking over it. Even if the bridge was packed full of people there wouldn’t be NEARLY that much weight on it!

In addition to the suspension bridges there are amazing trees to see, beautiful forest floors and basically just some pretty unique landscape compared to what one would be used to seeing in Australia.

After leaving, we went to the markets that we had been to yesterday to get some lunch. There were numerous food establishments there and we each found something to our liking… My liking being more to do with economics and quantity as opposed to quality! That being said my meal tasted fine too 😛

We then went briefly back to our apartment, got changed and went back out. This time my wife and I were on our feet and my wife’s twin took the car to go on a near vertical (literally) hike and see a lumberjack show at a place just outside Vancouver called “Grouse Mountain” (which apparently is fairly grouse HA!).

My wife and I had some more boring/businessy things to attend to. We needed to open up a bank account as we will need one to get paid into once we start working! Here we found another random difference between Canada/America and Australia. Though the lady said that opening a bank account would only take around half an hour and the bank, by the look of it, wasn’t overly busy. She also informed us that they didn’t have any more “appointments” today and proceeded to schedule us in at 1200 on SUNDAY! Weird right?!?

Anyhow, all was not lost. My wife’s twin had pointed out a tea store next door to the bank earlier in the day. This was a great tea store! A lot of the tea (though not as much as I had originally anticipated) is flavoured or sweetened or even if it is a standard tea (like English breakfast) it’s almost always in a tea bag. Though the tea bag is not a life or death issue, my wife certainly prefers a nice pot of leaf tea! Well the cashier was a 3rd (I think) generation tea merchant and was pleased to inform us that, no in fact there is not any bizarre flavoured tea, no sweeteners, no flavourings… Just tea! This suited my wife down to the ground and we proceeded out of the store with a newly purchased bag of leaf tea and a small batch leaf tea which the lady generously gave us too. Little did we know that real tea connoisseurs even appreciate different vintages of tea… You learn something new everyday eh!?!

After poking around at a few more stores we then walked back to our Kool apartment after buying some cheese, olives and crackers. We proceeded to have ourselves a lovely afternoon snack with my wife sporting a cup of tea and myself a glass of wine from a bottle donated by our host… Both preeeeety happy!

Eventualy both sisters-in-law got back and a while after we went out to dinner, just over from the aforementioned markets where an awesome night market thing had popped up. There were crafty stores, vegetables, meats, psychic readings (*cry and moan*) and looooots of food vans. Again, something for everyone was found and then some gelato/ice cream for desert!

Feeling pretty satisfied we returned home and went about our evening business!

God bless y’all.


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