nomumimnotdead Day 33.

We did some more travelling today, from Sun Peaks to Vancouver, around a 4 hour drive. Of particular note to… I think all of us was that we had a sleep in!!! Though I did wake-up for a little while at 0630 and do some Bible reading, I went back to sleep and then we all got up around 0830.

We then went and got some breakfast at a crepe place that was around 50mtrs from the front door of our hotel. I FINALLY got crepes/pancakes with eggs, bacon and syrup! This is something that I’ve been seeking from Canada and as yet haven’t been able to find, so that was satisfying. Unfortunately my wife and her twin didn’t go quite as well.

After breakfast and checking out of our hotel we went for a drive to a lake where a local town info person had said we would likely see a bear. The drive was nice, the lake was nice, the forest was really nice but we didn’t manage to see a bear. To tell you the truth I wasn’t entirely disappointed about this. Seeing a bear from a distance or whilst inside a car is something I could go for. But right up close and personal makes me a little nervous!

After our non-bear encounter we made our way to Vancouver, travelling through Kamloops to get there. My eldest sister-in-law drove to Kamloops (around an hour) and then I drove the rest of the way to Vancouver. The drive was pretty good but as we got closer to Vancouver I could not believe how many cars were on the road!!! In some places there were 8 lanes of traffic (4 lanes going each way) and they were almost loaded with cars… Cars that weren’t going slowly mind you. Needless to say I was fairly awake during this section of the drive.

Before getting to this section of the drive though we stopped in a nice town called Hope. Hope had a Bermagui type feel to it. I had another mac and cheese (I think this was my 4th one), this one had some bread crumbs on the top and though not the same as the weet-bix that my Mum puts on top, it did remind me of that 🙂

We spent a decent while just chilling out at our new apartment once we arrived here and then went down to one of the local markets and bought some things for dinner. This was another Kool market with lots of different stores serving food, selling clothing and other more crafty things. It was reasonably late in the day when we went here so things were starting to close and we were keen to get back to make dinner, so we’ll probably go back here later on and enjoy the markets more.

We’ve all been fairly interested to see how a Canadian city compares with the American ones we’ve been to. As we haven’t really done many things in Vancouver yet I shall refrain from judgement – but hopefully it’s good!

God bless y’all.


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