nomumimnotdead Day 32.

Another day down. Today was another early start, which I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled about (I don’t think anyone really was). But we seemed to have an efficient days travelling. Today we drove from Canmore, AB to Sun Peaks, BC. This means around about 6-7 hours in a car. I offer my thanks to my two sisters-in-law who did all the driving today, leaving me to pursue some of my current favourite activities, including; reading the Bible, listening to podcasts and sleeping! Yes, I got to get back some of the sleep that I had missed during the night, which was welcome indeed!

Anyhow, on our travels we stopped again at the bakery at Revelstoke as we had to travel back past Kamloops in order to get to Sun Peaks. We had a brief stop also at Kamloops for a wash room stop. Also, on our way up to Canmore we had driven past an extensive and beautiful lake, this time we stopped to admire it and take a few snaps to boot.

As I’ve hinted at in some of my days prior to this blog, we’ve become a little tired as travelling practically 24/7 can be hard work. Once we got to Sun Peaks, apart from getting some lunch, all we really felt like doing was sitting in the sun (or shade if you’re like me) with a beverage on a banana chair… So we went about doing just that! I even had myself another little nap 🙂 We did eventually break the inactivity with a bit of a swim in the pool and simmer in the spa.

Apparently feeling our inactivity or some such thing my wife, her twin and myself then decided it would be a great idea to go and see a bear in the wild as Sun Peaks is a place where bear sightings are not overly infrequent. However the hiking trail that we happened to choose entailed walking straight up one of the currently “un-snowed” ski runs and not an overly horizontal one I hasten to add! Having had a bit of hiking experience lately, not the least of which was hiking up one of the better known places in Yosemite national park, I think I can with some authority say that this was a very difficult walk! Even my sister-in-law with all her fitness and such admitted the same.

We didn’t end up seeing a bear, though at one time we saw a cow and at first thought it was a black bear, but we had a nice walk and on our walk back down the hill walked down a down-hill mountain bike trail and I, thus, got to revisit one of my favourite past times. At the bottom of the hill we met up with the eldest sister-in-law and went for a brief walk with her before returning to our hotel and then going out for some dinner, I had a bison burger! Our dinner saw us some of the bigger servings, mainly of chips, that we’ve had thus far and even me with my overly hungry belly was pretty satisfied by the time we finished.

After another dip in the pool/sit in the sauna/sit in the spa we finished our night and am now going to bed. Tonight we’re in a hotel room, all four of us. So as typing causes “tap-tap-tap” sounds, for the sake of the comfort of my fellow human beings I might call it a night, also I don’t have anything more to say 😛

God bless y’all.


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