nomumimnotdead Day 31.

Well… exciting stuff today. Perhaps not so much on the travel front, although that was good too, but on the “deciding what we’re doing with ourselves over here front” 🙂

Firstly, this morning after getting up earlier than everyone else and having a Bible read, I went on a walk around town to see the sunrise over the snow capped hills. Unfortunately I didn’t really end up seeing the sunrise, but this was of no real bother to me. The time alone, walking around the Kool town of Canmore and still seeing Kool stuff made up for the fact that I didn’t really see a sunrise.

When I got back (after having sniffed out a coffee on my walk) we went and got a coffee after having some breakfast. If anyone ever finds themselves in Canmore then “Rave Coffee” is a pretty good deal. The plan after this was to go into Banff and go on a gondola. My wife and myself didn’t end up doing this but the two sisters-in-law did and had a good time buuuutt nearly froze to death at the top of the hill that they travelled up 😛

Whilst they were on their gondola ride my wife and I went about having a look around Banff. We had been there yesterday and thought it was just amazing. I had really wanted to have a bit of a slower look with a chance to go into some stores and such and today was that chance. We didn’t end up buying much but had a few great run ins with some store attendants as we were walking around.

As I have said we really like Banff and Canmore and we were sort of throwing the thought around of staying here instead of in Vancouver to work and live. Upon talking to a couple of the store attendants here we’ve almost certainly decided that’s what we’ll do. Many of the store windows around Banff and Canmore have signs up saying “Help Needed”, “Workers Wanted”, “Now Hiring” etc. It turns out, employment-wise, we’ve come at a good time. This area becomes a bit quieter as the winter kicks in and summer fades away and so a lot of the non-locals who are currently employed here are leaving to go to the ski fields etc. (not that they’re far away!) Thus this leaves an opening for new people to take these jobs. The first person we talked to about jobs (a young guy who was born in New Zealand but has lived in both Germany and Australia) said that if we went into almost any store with a resume we’d get a job! Not wanting to take one persons word as gospel we asked another girl (this time a pom) and she confirmed with similar musings. So it turns out Banff/Canmore might be the go! A lot of the jobs even come with accommodation.

After Banff we returned to Canmore where we’re staying to have some lunch and then did some more walking around. We then went for a drive to one of the local lakes which was nice and picturesque, my wife and I went and got our social insurance number (the equivalent of an Australian tax file number), went to the library, printed off a few resumes, handed one out, talked to another shop attendant about a job there and returned home to cook dinner (my wife not me), eat and then go on a moose hunt – not the killing kind but the hoping to see a moose kind.

We had a good bit of fun on our hunt, my wife saw some elk which unfortunately the other two of us missed but it was still a fun time and filled with more beautiful scenery!

God bless y’all.



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