nomumimnotdead Day 30.

30!!! Three, zero… 1 month! How amazing!

Today saw us leaving Kamloops pretty early, I think we ended up leaving around 0545 or so. I had the first stint driving on our way to Canmore. As you may have gathered, one of the first parts of my morning routine is coffee and because we left so early and didn’t consider to stop at starbucks, for multiple reasons, I was driving on a wing, a prayer, some oats and a tea to keep me going!

We eventually got to what we thought was a coffee house at a town called Revelstoke, only to find that it was a coffee roaster and not a coffee house. Thankfully (as we’d had trouble finding the coffee place) the lady at the towing company where we had stopped for directions, let us use the bathroom there, as there were a couple of us who were getting a little desperate!

Anyhow we continued on in the town of Revelstoke and got some coffee from the bakery there. All of the towns that we stopped at along the way today were AMAZING!!! There was Revelstoke, Lake Louise (the iconic photo of Canada), Banff (somewhat better known) and now where we’re staying – Canmore. They’re all towns that are nestled in the Canadian rockies with significant amounts of snow on the surrounding hills EVEN THOUGH IT’S STILL SUMMER!!! I might add that it’s most likely that this snow has not fallen fresh this year, but is in fact still there from years prior! When something is particularly odd we might refer to it as a “foreign” concept. This is literally foreign to me and is simply alien! I keep looking at the hills around me in utter awe at both the beauty and also the fact that there’s: 1. snow 2. on Kool looking mountains 3. with Kool looking trees on those mountains 4 THAT IT’S SUMMER!!!

Along those lines, by the time we started walking home tonight from dinner the temperature was around 10c (50f) and the over night temperature (in SUMMER) is -2c (28.4f)… did I mention it’s summer?!?

The drive here was reasonably long, though I did get some time for some shut eye in the back (I’m sure they put sleeping gas in the vents in the back seat of that car!), but was just amazing! The Canadian rockies are breath taking! I’m really interested to see what it’s like to be in some of the cities in Canada. The country/bush I’m simply loving so far!

I have to give praise to the Creator for creating all of this amazing stuff. It was an amazing privilege and blessing to be here in a different part of the world that I’m not familiar with and see some different and breath taking stuff – Thank You Jesus! I’m sure the photos won’t do it justice, but, as almost always, I’ll attach some. I hope they bless you!

God bless y’all.


One thought on “nomumimnotdead Day 30.

  1. Very specky!!
    It occurred to me today that the daily reports of your travels represent the most information of your days since preschool!! (School years end of day conversations: what did you do today? Nothing… Stuff…. ) 🙂
    Am loving it and so glad that you are all enjoying the trip.
    Love you


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