nomumimnotdead Day 29.

Canada, Canada, Canada eh?!?

Thankfully I have really liked Canada so far. We were discussing with each other today that after all the bigness and cityness of almost everywhere we visited in America, it’s been really nice to come to a chilled out part of Canada and see some trees and no sky scrapers and not so many people! Though I hasten to add it’s the cities and multitude of people and not the culture that has been good to escape.

So after breakfast and coffee (my eldest sister-in-law said that her coffee today was the best one to date since she’s been overseas, at the opposite end of the day my wife had the best beer that she’s had since she’s been overseas… YAY FOR LIQUIDS!!!) we went to the “Kamloops Wildlife Sanctuary”. We saw all manner of animals that you would see in Canada, America and Mexico. It was pretty Kool! My personal favourite was seeing a male  elk (bull) with big ol’ horns! Though there was plenty to see: racoons, brown bears, black bears, a white bear, bison, lynx just to name a few.

After this my wife, her twin and myself went on a bit of a hike and my eldest sister-in-law went on a guided horse ride. All of us had a pretty good time. On our hike (non-guided) we went to an area of Kamloops where there are a bunch of trails. Most of the walks aren’t overly long and so you can complete quite a few of the trails in a relatively short time – always a nice feeling of accomplishment 🙂 So our hiking took us around an hour and whilst we were hiking my wife’s twin had made murmurings of wanting to go to a hunting store (I may or may not have already researched this subject) so we then hiked to this store – around 4klms away.

Well if we hadn’t gone hiking already we CERTAINLY did on the way to this store! I would say at least 3klms of the 4klm walk was a fairly steep gradient up hill! The hill seemed to never end! Given that it was myself who had found the store I was a little nervous for much of our walk there that it was going to turn out to be a flop, or be closed etc. Thankfully it was AMAZING! There were guns, hand guns, hunting gear, knives, bb guns, air rifles, fishing gear, camping gear… SO KOOL! Agree with me or not (I suspect most of you not) I am quite a fan of guns and have no beef with the 2nd amendment in America and I got to have a chat with one of the store attendants on subjects along these lines and for me, it was a really enjoyable conversation. Although after hearing about how restrictive our laws are he surmised that he probably wouldn’t move to Australia as it might discourage him from hunting 😛 I was also amazed to learn that even though I’m a  foreigner I can buy air rifles and bb guns – there was a particularly Kool looking bb gun there! However, I was restrained and didn’t.

The eldest sister-in-law picked us up from here, we went home and then soon after drove back out for some dinner. Tasty beers, tasty dinner (mind the jambalaya – it’s hot!) and people I love around me… good times!

God bless y’all.


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