nomumimnotdead Day 28.

“Oh Caaanaaadaaaaa”!

Yup we left the republic and we’re back into the Commonwealth. Unlike most people visiting America, I didn’t really go for any particular city or any particular sight, but just to be American. Albeit in a temporary sense. I’ve developed a great fondness of many American values and thus today to leave America was a bit sad, but I tried to remain open minded to enjoying Canada. Well, I have been pleasantly surprised. So far I’m loving Canada.

We left Seattle, Washington this morning around 0540, spent the first 2 hours or so travelling to the border. By the time we got to the border we were all in need of a bathroom stop, but apparently getting the rest room key off the border officer before doing the interview is not the proper sequence. Thankfully the interview didn’t take too long and we managed to contain ourselves until we passed the interview – potentially myself and my wife could spend at least the next 2 years in Canada! (Don’t worry Mum, we won’t!)

From the border to Kamloops (where we are for the next two nights took another couple of hours and we made a couple of stops for toilet breaks/food breaks on the way there. At one of our stops my wife and I decided that we would partake of an American/Canadian delicacy and tried a pumpkin latte… mhmm. I’m sure there are some folks who love them (clearly or else they wouldn’t sell), but it won’t be an experience that we’re rushing out to try again!

Kamloops is great! It’s probably got a fair few folks in it but it has a small town kind of vibe. It’s located either side of a water body and is quite long and skinny. It’s also in a valley with quite mountainous, steep cliffs either side. The houses are somewhat spread out and then there are spots here and there which were obviously flatter and so they built little suburbs on these flat spots.

Soon after arriving we had a bit of time to kill before we were allowed to check-in at our next air bnb so we went to a local winery! Instead of doing any kind of tasting there (I personally find doing wine tastings really awkward) we just read the descriptions, bought a bottle, got some wine glasses and three of us had a glass each at the winery 🙂 This was a tasty and relaxing time, though unfortunately the wine wasn’t quite to my wife’s tasting.

We then got some lunch, got some fuel, got some groceries and went to our apartment. We’re in a really nice area! It’s in the suburbs, out of town a little and is nice and quiet. The unit is one part of a house. The whole house is divided into 3 or 4 little units, but each (to the best of my knowledge) are fully self contained, ours certainly is in any case. It’s actually pretty smart – this person could be making a motsa out of their house!

After a bit of sitting around and getting sorted three of us went for a walk around. We ended up somewhat accidentally walking through someones back yard (thankfully they were fairly good about it). We walked down to the water body and then back up the hill to our house. This all sounds nice and simple but it was quite a journey with lots of winding and trail finding.

We had another lovely dinner made by my wife tonight – a concoction of some left overs we had – nice!

God bless y’all.


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