nomumimnotdead Day 27.

Our final full day in Seattle and, I say with a little emotion, our final full day in America. Tomorrow around 0900 we’ll be exiting the land of the free and the home of the brave to go to their “up-door neighbours” – Canada (again sorry Hannah!)

After the usual breakfast and coffee etc. we headed off in the direction of “Lake Union” just a touch outside the main CBD of Seattle. We got off at the wrong bus stop first and ended up getting another coffee – ours was fair but my eldest sister-in-law ended up leaving at least 3/4 of hers (sorry barista :-S  ) During our time at the wrong bus stop we had another bit of a walk through some of the ‘burbs of Seattle. Our walk today and my walk with my wife through the ‘burbs yesterday I really liked. I would probably need to spend more time in the Seattle CBD to get to really know it, and there are certainly a few things and places that I like about it, but overall I’m neutral about Seattle. That being said I really enjoyed both of my walks through the suburbs.

On our walk today we saw some floating houses! I guess to the folks that live in them it’s the most normal thing in the world but it was such a novelty for us to see houses that, well, look like houses… but they’re FLOATING! I think it would be great to live in a place like that and it was a lovely quiet place in general. I’m not sure if we saw it or not but Tom Hanks character’s house was in this district when he starred in “Sleepless in Seattle”.

After catching another bus to the right spot we walked to find Seattle’s no. 1 pizza store, not sure who this was voted by, but it was recommended to my sisters-in-law by their tour guide yesterday. As to whether the pizza there was the no. 1 in Seattle or not I cannot vouch. Whilst it may or may not have been fantastic, the outward appearance of the place was not overly appealing and while appearances can certainly be deceiving we kept moving on. Though the tour guide had said this was a “happening region” we couldn’t seem to find what was so happening about it. It was certainly pretty and worth the visit to look over Lake Union and see the floating houses, but we weren’t quite so sure why the tour guide seemed to like it so much.

The two sisters-in-law then left myself and my wife to go and pick up the hire car  (much the same as our last one but this time black instead of white – very slick!) so my wife and I kept walking around the Lake Union district on search for a bus stop and a rest room (p.s. Aussies – when you come to America don’t call them toilets, it’s not hugely offensive but folks do think you’re a little crude if you say “toilet”). After finding both of these we went back into the city and went to the pier in Seattle where the ferris wheel is. This was a bit of a cheesy, touristy area but depending on your style is still worth your time. We didn’t end up buying anything or eating anything but did have a nice walk and found a nice look out over the bay.

After getting some lunch we got some ingredients for dinner and returned to the unit and watched a bit of a movie. After the sisters returned home with our fantastic black mumma wagon we went down to the Alamo (hire car company) to get my name put on the drivers list as well, as I wasn’t with them when they picked it up. They had again tried to up sell the girls but this time we’d wised up to this business! My wife and I then went and got a drink in a little laneway, fairly similar to what one might find in Melbourne and then returned home and had some dinner.

Tomorrow we drive around 6 hours and do a border crossing!

God bless y’all.



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