nomumimnotdead Day 26.

Today had the two groups go their separate ways (not due to any conflict I hasten to add). The two sisters-in-law went on a guided hike to Mount Rainier, saw a black bear, a volcano and snow capped mountains (in SUMMER!) Myself and my wife still did a few touristy/travel-ly things but had a bit of a quieter day. I don’t mean to sound as if I’m complaining about my 1st world problems (because I’m not complaining) but travelling and touristing constantly is actually quite hard work. So chilling out somewhat was welcome.

Firstly, my apologies must go to my Mum for getting the am/pm wrong and calling her to wish her a happy birthday at 0230 and not 1430 her time!

That being said after I had some pre-prepared porridge we went down the street to get some coffee at a place called “Moore Coffee”, it was fair. Drinkable but not brilliant, ’twas pretty though! Yesterday we got our coffee at a place called “Storyville Coffee”, it was much better.

After our coffee we went to a place called “Cell Phone Repair”… sounds exciting right?? You may remember I mentioned a couple of days ago that I had dropped my phone and it was no longer working. The first place we went recommended us to this place as he couldn’t deal with it. So having had a phone which didn’t work for a couple of days, we made the over an hour trip to this place. Plugged it in at the store and… IT WORKED!!! Mildly annoying but also quite relieving, also the cost of repairing my phone was the $10 we spent on train tickets and a nice walk together rather than who knows what!?!

On our way back we stopped at a burger store to use the restroom, then bought some chips there and then had a burger – to see my wife eating a burger was enjoyable for me indeed and what’s more enjoying it!

Then after getting another coffee from the aforementioned establishment (but a different store) we proceeded to “Pioneer Square”. There is a square there but the name really refers to a region of Seattle. This region was the originally settled part of Seattle. It’s a nice place to visit and has a few more bars, restaurants and antique-y type nicknack stores. We went into a guitar store there which did have some cheap and moderately priced guitars but also had one that was $47,000 and one that was in the mid $50k!

This was another interesting region of the world. It was in general a bit more bohemian but nice and safe enough. But there was one or two streets where you turned the corner and all of a sudden there was a bunch of homeless folks and/or you just felt a little bit less safe than before.

After Pioneer Square we went back home briefly so my wife could get a recipe for dinner. Then proceeded to another Wholefoods store – a grocery store we’ve become quite fond of. We found it somewhat difficult to get all the ingredients we needed this time though. Especially since we only really wanted enough ingredients for one meal not to fill our cupboard for future meals. We ended up going into an Asian restaurant and getting  a little saucer full of sesame oil from them.

My wife made dinner tonight and it was preeeeeety tasty. I’m very blessed to have the wife that I have, certainly for more reasons than her cooking mind you! But the cooking is definitely one of the blessings.

God bless y’all.


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