nomumimnotdead Day 25.

Today was our first full day in Seattle. I started with another bowl of porridge made by my wife’s twin and we then went to find some coffee, again pre-researched by my wife’s twin. Apparently “bean hunter” is a good app for finding good coffee.

Thankfully the coffee store was in our first destination anyhow – Pike’s Place Market. I’m told a couple of years ago Pike’s Place was voted the best markets in the world and I think that was pretty accurate! A lot of markets have some great stores and a lot of stores that you could take or leave, but Pike’s Place had soooo much Kool stuff. Arguably one of the highlights was the fish store located right at one of the entrances. Even if there weren’t theatrics, the fish there are amazing looking… and huge and there’s lobster and shrimp (prawns), scampi and a fair few other bits and pieces. But what tops it all off is the workers there throwing, yes throwing, the giant fish to each other as the customers order them all the while chanting and singing as they count the fish they throw to each other. I’m talking meter long fish being flung around their store! Unfortunately we didn’t get a video of them doing this, but it was very entertaining. There was also an amazing spice store, an artisan type condiments etc. store (that sold a small jar of Vegemite for $9 and a packet of Tim tams for $11!) and also some more crafty and jewellery type places.

We spent a decent while here and then moved on to what is reportedly the #1 thing to do in Seattle – the Chihuly Garden and Glass place. For those of you who have just rolled your eyes, unroll them. Whether you’re the type of person who reads all the signs and plaques or the type of person that just likes to storm through and look at the pretty pictures, you can play it however you want at this place. It’s almost impossible not to appreciate the artistry involved in some of these amazing creations. It cost around $25 per person and you didn’t really spend that long there, but I think it was worth it.

Following the glass place we went and got some lunch at “Pike Place Chowder”. This is one of the first eateries that will come up if you google places to eat in Seattle and is located at the markets as well. We all got our chowder in a sour dough bowl, worth it I think. It wasn’t a 5 star affair but it was a good lunch and kept us sustained for the next little while.

Also I gave some money to a busker outside the chowder store, who had formerly (jokingly) abused me for my beard. He has an animation thing that he makes on youtube called “ravenous baby”. Here’s a link to one of the videos: Have a watch and support a “Seattle-ian”, they’re very short! We then did some shopping along one of the streets that has a few more stores here (I bought some shoe polish… VERY exciting!) and the two parties split ways for a little while, but met soon after at our apartment.

After going back to Pike’s to buy some ingredients for dinner, my wife cooked a tasty vegetable curry which we all enjoyed numerous bowls of.

Perhaps it sounds simple to say, or shows that I am amused by small pleasures but we finished off our night by watching a movie on T.V. together. I don’t know exactly what it is but there is something I’ve always enjoyed about sitting down as a family and watching a nice light hearted movie (or even the odd not-so-light-hearted one). So I enjoyed this ending to the day.

God bless y’all.


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