nomumimnotdead Day 24.

So even though I only fairly recently put up the blog for days 22 & 23, here is the update for day 24!

Today we flew from Chicago to Seattle our flight was at 1222 so we had a bit of time to have a more relaxed morning. So myself and my wife started out by going down to the goddess and baker to have some tea and a coffee. My wife is quite a tea lover, so the fact that she could get a whole pot of tea the day prior lead her back to this cafe for a repeat of the process. However we had seen a coffee store on the 5th which looked to be quite good but was closed then as it was labor day. So we met the sisters-in-law there afterwards and divulged in another coffee. But after that, as there wasn’t any breakfast options apart from pastries at the second coffee house, we returned to the goddess and baker and had another tasty breakfast there.

After arriving at Chicago airport we did the standard check-in and security checks. Unfortunately our travel cards don’t work on the automatic check-in machines, nor do they work at the standard counters. So every time we have to go to the special assistance and get helped out. After the checks we entered the area where all the terminals are and I tried to post my blogs which I had written the night prior, but to no avail as I couldn’t connect to the internet (  <— see I tried!) I don’t know exactly what it was, but the Chicago airport upon first entry into the “post security checks” area has an aura of boring. But we eventually got on the plane, had a rather pleasant flight after the hour delay – first they had to replace a tyre and then they were missing a food cart prior to take off. BUT!!! As the flight was a little longer (4hrs or so) instead of my usual 1 cranberry and apple juice and 1 snack pack, I got 1 snack pack and 2 cranberry and apple juices! I’ve become quite conditioned to my lil’ snack pack and juice! Just don’t read the ingredients on the snack pack…

We caught a taxi from the airport to our accommodation (note to all foreigners travelling to America – taxi drivers generally expect around a 20% tip). Our accommodation is great! It’s huge and there are 2 bathrooms. Which is nice when you have 4 folks wanting to use the bathroom in the morning. My wife and I then quickly went to a mobile phone repair store as I had dropped my phone the night prior and the screen no longer works (hence no pictures, sorry folks).

We then joined up with the gal’s and went and got some dinner. My wife was particularly pleased with the dinner. We were all well fed and the food was pretty tasty. It was a greek restaurant called “Lola”. After dropping the eldest sister-in-law at a hair salon the rest of us went in search of some tea and milk for the morning. The two twins found the Seattle tower very amusing and started making “E.T. phone home” jokes about it and acting as if at any moment they would be taken to their leader and such. Quite the funny!

Eventually we found our tea and milk and a few toiletry items at Walgreens. Funny thing about America – Walgreens, for instance, is a chemist and so yes you can get vitamins, toiletries, drugs etc. there i.e. all the things an Australian would expect to see at a chemist. However, you can also get coffee, tea, lollies, alcohol, cigarettes and a decent few other items there too! This is the same with quite a few stores. Target is much them same, yes you can get clothes and basic sporting goods, cds and such there but you can again also buy alcohol, furniture, groceries and… everything there! Americans must find it very irritating to go shopping in Australia as they’d have to go to twice as many stores than they’re used to!

After buying our groceries and such we returned home via an intentionally scenic route and I found someones bank card.

God bless y’all.


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