nomumimnotdead Day 21

Today was our last day full day in New York, tomorrow we fly out of Newark airport at 1030 so we’ll have to leave our apartment at around 0730 to get to the airport in time for the flight. Even for domestic flights within the U.S. you have to get there 2 hours early. I’m actually quite excited, I enjoy the early starts and am getting somewhat more accustomed to security checks and flying than I have been before. My wife noted that by the time we leave the U.S. in 8 months time we’ll be experts at security checks. You have to do them going into heaps of buildings like museums and such.

Anyhow, the normal routine ensued yadda yadda (a very New York’n phrase which, unfortunately I have not heard! p.s. I hope you appreciate that Bayden ;-P  ). About half of today was spent in Brooklyn. When searching for live music venues for my sister-in-law’s birthday yesterday there was a fair bit that was in Brooklyn and also many good restaurants are in Brooklyn. So it seemed to be a good choice. We caught a subway over some bridge, not the Brooklyn bridge, though it did neighbour the Brooklyn one as you could see it whilst we crossed our bridge.

We soon found a bike store that we had looked up prior to our arrival and hired our bikes from there – again some pretty nice bikes 🙂 The first part of our ride took us by the Hudson river and to the Brooklyn bridge. The guy at the bike store had also given us a map and told us of a few places that were supposed to be good. So after seeing the bridge we pursued one of these places.

So we rode, and rode, and rode a little more… around an hour and a half later with some of our group feeling rather frustrated we got more serious about trying to find where we were actually trying to go. Mr. Googlemaps came in handy and picked up the slack where the map had left off. I should mention though, because it came of particular interest to me, that we rode through the very orthodox Jewish part of Brooklyn. I knew this part existed but hadn’t necessarily planned to go there, I found it really exciting. Apart from the fact that Christians (as myself) and Jews share some common history, much of our Scriptures and hold many of the same moral values, I found it admirable to see a people that believe so strongly in what they believe in that they are willing to look that different and, quite likely, put themselves up for public ridicule because of the tenacity of their belief. It is my firm belief that our western world, on whole, tends to diminish the importance of doctrinal distinctives and beliefs by simply saying that “everything’s okay, it doesn’t matter what you believe in because everyone’s right anyhow”. So to see this group making themselves distinct even in a very physical and visual way and, by necessity, standing up for what they believe in in doing so, to me, was a really Kool thing.

After a while we did find our way to a couple of good restaurants. Mine and my wife’s order got lost at the first one so we eventually left. But that worked out well as it gave us an opportunity to go to another restaurant that my wife had researched and have some tasty pulled beef 🙂 At this place called “Delaney Barbecue” you ordered your meat by the 1/2 pound… When you order your meat by weight, I think you’ve got something right 😛

After this, as the time limit on our bikes was starting to run low (we had hired them for four hours) we rode back to the bike store, caught the subway back to Manhattan and my wife and I and the two sisters-in-law went our separate ways as the sisters wanted to go to a many levelled Macy’s… no thank you!

So my wife and I went to see Madison Square Garden. Though much smaller than Central Park and thus not entirely comparable, we decided we really liked this park, even more than Central park and ended up buying some apple juice and tasty grapes from a fairly extensive market that was surrounding the park and also extended down a few of the adjacent streets. We also found a restaurant that my wife is particularly fond of just over the road.

The evening had us going out again to dinner, much to my surprise my company chose a Mexican restaurant. Previously there has only been jokes and comments on the extensive number of Mexican restaurants so for us to walk into one was a surprise to me! It was quite tasty though. After this we took a walk to Times Square! There was no one there and it was really quiet… NOOOTT! It was actually really Kool, if a little frantic, to be there and just see the diversity of people.

As we were walking home my wife’s twin saw a bowling alley and made the executive decision that we should go there. This was a lot of fun, plus I can now tick off the item at the top of my bucket list: “1. Do some ten pin bowling at Times Square”.

Oh and on my walk with my wife earlier in the day I FINALLY FOUND MY HAT!!! I have searched this nation far and wide (literally from the west coast to the east) to find a baseball cap (1)with an American flag on the front and (2) without a city name on it… I FINALLY GOT IT!!!


God bless y’all.


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