nomumimnotdead Day 20.

Alrighty, time for another round of blog writing. New York has deemed that the sound of horns and sirens is appropriate “background music” to be writing to… sure.

I decided today that as a New Yorker, perhaps as an American in general, if you didn’t grow deaf to the sound of the car horn then you would probably go insane! Sometimes you want to grab them by the collar and say “IT’S NOT THAT BIG A DEAL! THEY’LL MOVE IN A SECOND ANYWAY!” But thus far I have been self controlled.

As mentioned yesterday, today was one of our companies birthday so we spent today doing some normal things and some things more focussed on celebrating their birthday. Being quite possibly as big a fan of coffee as I am the first thing we did in celebration was go to Rex’s to get some coffee and breakfast. It turns out that Rex not only does great coffee, but also makes pretty good breakfast, certainly cheap enough in any case! Not only that, but tomorrow we get a free coffee as we’ve already used up 10 on our “Buy 10 coffees and get the 11th free” card.

After coffee we went to the original ” Tiffany and Co.” (apparently this is a thing *shrugs*) to buy the aforementioned person a present. This was a surprise that had been planned for her by her sisters! When we were getting ready to leave we got chatting to a hilarious security guard there who told us that we were having a “great Gadsby style day today” and that I should take all the girls to “the plaza” for lunch!

After a bit of travelling on foot and also on subway we then went of the free ferry to Staten Island as you get a pretty good view of Lady Liberty from this ferry! This was one of the main things that I wanted to do whilst in New York. My wife’s twin got put in a somewhat awkward position, stuck talking to a roughish looking gal who decided that she (the twin) was fantastic. She was nice enough and was really only a minor inconvenience as opposed to anything else, my wife’s twin did very well and was very patient talking to her and it was pretty Kool to see Lady Liberty, she’s not quite as big as I thought!

After this the Chelsea markets was our next stop. This was worth going to but VERY busy, perhaps because Labor day is around the corner and folks were stocking up. There was some good things there, but the crowds were pretty overwhelming and the place isn’t really equipped for “rest room traffic”. I’ve shared a photo from these markets though of a guy on what couldn’t be rightly called a “boy friend chair”, it’s more of a “boy friend throne”, the photo is a little dodgy as I took it quickly, not wanting him to know I was taking it. But I thought it was great!

Next on the birthday celebration list was some cheesecake. So my wife researched a good place to go that was pretty close to Central Park. This was preeeeetty tasty (and we still have some tasty treats to finish off tomorrow)! Following this we went for a walk and lie down in Central Park. Although after the cheese cake I was feeling a little better (previously I had been a bit low on energy levels) a nap in Central Park was something I was pretty excited about!

The evening held for us a drink of Champagne on the sun deck of our apartment building – not too shabby. Then we went to a restaurant which my wife had looked up. Unfortunately there was a few too many people there but we were told if we came back in 45 mins then we should be able to get a table. We did so and we did so! The restaurant was a Thai restaurant and the food was well priced and pretty good. One thing a few of us found though was that the meals were a little sweeter than we ordinarily would’ve expected. We wondered whether this might have been to accommodate for the American fondness of sweetness.

Following that we went home and have now turned the apartment into a Chinese laundry by hanging up all of our clothes all around!


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