nomumimnotdead Day 19.

Today the various parties all went their separate ways. Myself and my wife together, whilst the two sisters-in-law off by themselves individually.

Also today I had not one but TWO good coffees. The first being from our friends at Rex Coffee and the second being from one of the ‘Dean and DeLucas’ around NYC.

After charging up with our coffee we went and (FINALLY) got me a sim card. The prepaid deals here are AWESOME, or maybe I’m just a backwards redneck who isn’t up on these kind of things. But for $60/month I get unlimited calls and text within the U.S., Canada and Mexico and 6GB of 4G data. If I go over the data limit I then get unlimited, but at reduced speed… gotta be happy with that I say. But on to more interesting things.

After the sim card we caught a subway to the 9/11 memorial. I said yesterday in my blog that I expected to enjoy this in a similar way to the way I ‘enjoyed’ the WWII museum. Having now gone and experienced this museum I can say that it, at least for me, was a movingly awful experience. But one of the movingly awful experiences which are good to have, beneficial for society and keep us from repeating the same mistakes again.

I was having a discussion with my wife after we exited about the experience and the emotion of it all (my eldest sister-in-law actually said there was more than once where she was almost crying and eventually had to leave because she was overwhelmed by it all). I said to her (my wife) that I do have a level of emotion when I think about the events of WWII but possibly due to the fact that 9/11 happened in my time and I went to the very epicentre of where it happened (the museum is literally located where some of the bedrock of the north tower was, and still is), these factors I think made it a much more emotionally connected experience for me. The one thought that kept running through my head was ‘needless’. This was a needless act that resulted in needless deaths, needless suffering. It was a needless tragedy – such an overused word but it was and is truly tragic. I can take comfort in the fact that God is in control of it all, even though I don’t understand it, but the emotion still remains (it would be misplaced for me to go into a big explanation of my thoughts on God being in control here, but if you’re interested here: is a link to a blog which I have recently written on the subject).

After this we caught another subway and did a bit of walking to what is reported to be New York’s best Reuben Sandwich – “Katz’s Delicatessen”. It certainly was tasty! Worth the wait in line (if you ever go here remember to keep the ticketS [plural] they give you at the door). This was another one of those experience where the destination was worth it but the journey wasn’t without peril! New York decided rain was the appropriate trial for us on our journey, so by the time we got there… well, let me let a black lady we ran into say it for me – “Y’all got SOAKED!” The outside temperature was moderate and not altogether uncomfortable even though we were wet but inside was air-conditioned and rather a bit more chilly on the nice wet clothes. But we managed to not freeze and also dry off a bit inside the deli.

Then we got a coffee and tea from the Dean and DeLuca, as mentioned before. But before meeting up with my wife’s twin we went and saw a couple of the places from “The devil Wears Prada”!!! This happens, for reasons unbeknown to myself, to be my favourite movie, so this was pretty exciting for me! Following this we met up with my wife’s twin at the Rockefeller Center. This is one of the places where you can go real high up and see for miles and miles and tower over many of the New York sky scrapers. Unfortunately, though, you have to pay for the privilege, and whilst, according to my sister-in-law, it was amazing. We didn’t really  feel like paying the $50 dollars for the pair of us to use a lift.

The three of us then caught a subway to the fantastic “Wholefoods” that I’ve mentioned before and bought some supplies for dinner – a very tasty dairy based vegetable soup that my wife made 🙂

Tomorrow, or technically today for many of my readers, is one of our birthdays so we’re doing some special things to celebrate that!

God bless y’all.



One thought on “nomumimnotdead Day 19.

  1. Please wish the above mentioned birthday one 🙂 a very happy birthday from us! We pray that she has a fantastic time. Oh, to think on as you continue the search for the perfect coffee: C.O.F.F.E.E. = Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere. Thus coffee is but another mnemonic for aiding your life focus! Love you.

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