nomumimnotdead Day 18

First full day in New York! It’s such a so-so, nothing much happening, quiet, small little town with not many folks around…

Okay, so I know I’ve talked about coffee a lot (and I can’t promise I’ll stop) but I had my best coffee so far today. If I had’ve got this coffee in Australia I would have been well pleased. It didn’t even have the bizarre molasses taste! It was from a place called ‘Rex Coffee’… worth it team, worth it!

After coffee, we went to book a bike tour around New York that the girls had found in their researching (they’re all very good at that!) Unfortunately the earlier session was booked out, so we went for a later session (1330). In the mean time we bought some subway cards, went for a walk and went in to a few shops. We also briefly visited the 9/11 memorial. However didn’t have enough time to make good use of the museum so we’re agreed to do that tomorrow.

Our bike tour was pretty good. Some of the idea behind doing a tour was to get our bearings on NYC (New York City) a little better. The tour kind of helped with that, or at least helped us to know where Lady Gaga lives, but was mainly a ride around Central Park with some helpful hints and fun facts about NYC. But it was still very enjoyable and again the bikes were actually pretty good!

After this we were seeking a drink, we at first sat down at some Kool looking out door bar, then saw the prices and then awkwardly walked away as the waiter was coming to bring us some complementary nuts and take our order… awkies! What made it even more awkward was the fact that my wife’s twin left her glasses behind and the (kind) waiter whistled after us to alert her to this fact.

We eventually settled at a juice bar which was enjoyed by all. After this we caught another subway and went to Madison avenue. There’s shops here… ’nuff said.

Tonight we went out for a meal not far from where we’re staying. It was a good meal (I had a delicious mac and cheese – not as good as yours Mumma!) it was fairly expensive but still enjoyed by all. Fed well, fed tastily.

We then went and enjoyed a couple of drinks (again, there’s a fair few craft beers about, not quite as many as California though) and saw a GREAT live band. It was just a guitar and a violin and they both sang but boy were they good!

‘Looking forward’ if you can call it that, to going to the 9/11 museum tomorrow. I think I’ll enjoy it in a similar capacity to how I enjoyed the WWII museum.

Also, check out the pic of where I did my Bible reading today!

God bless y’all.


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