nomumimnotdead Day 17.

Woop woop! Today we left what was probably my favourite place so far and a place I could fairly easily see myself living – Washington D.C. and caught a 3 and a bit hour long bus to New York! Where the eldest sister-in-law is considering whether it could be the kind of place that she could live (again: heard it, noted it… I’m on it!).

This morning we had another tasty bowl of porridge made by my wife’s twin and then packed up and went down the street to get a coffee. Which was, again, well made but so much of the coffee has this really odd molasses taste to it. So far I’ve had bad coffee, molasses coffee, drip filter coffee (which really is a different drink from what Australians would call coffee, but I don’t mind it sometimes) and one or two pretty good coffees.

After returning and doing a final clean up we walked on down to the bus stop. I really liked the lobby type area of the station, it reminded me of many of those old school movies where you see a train or bus station. I also liked the bus ride and spent about half-half sleeping and reading.

Once arriving in New York we caught an uber to our apartment which is…  …. …. AMAZING, well at least the view is! First thing after dumping our bags in our apartment and having a brief look around the apartment

was to get some food, as it was around 1600 and we hadn’t had anything since breakfast so we were a little peckish. We had some fairly tasty food and some nice beer, wine and cider. Then went for a bit of a walk around New York… with my hand in my pocket firmly over my wallet 😛 We’re within easy walking distance of Times Square, Central Park and we’re pretty sure we’re in the “hell’s kitchen” region, whatever that means. After a brief bit of a walk around the streets and also around a shopping centre where the sisters-in-law found sephora… 🙂 We went to what was going to be our final destination before either looking for a restaurant or buying groceries for dinner (our first meal was a nice entree), which was a grocery store we’ve come to love called ‘Wholefoods’. Well it turns out that wholefoods can get even better. This one has all the usual delights and then fresh sushi, a fantastic bottle-o, beautiful sandwiches, a ramen/asian food store within it and more… It’s amazing! So we ended up having some food at the asian food store there and then walking on home.

My wife was nicely settled on our deck with the awful view (check out the photos) with a cup of tea when her twin decided she would go to the gym, which is fairly normal for her. Somehow though my wife decided she wanted to go and then, guess what – I got roped in too! Some of you probably don’t know that my wife’s twin has won body building/figure competitions. But, what I didn’t originally anticipate to be a good time turned out to actually be quite fun.

One of our first plans, though, for tomorrow is to go on a bike riding tour of New York… that could be interesting given our work out tonight focused on legs!!!


God bless y’all.


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