nomumimnotdead Day 15.

Today was pretty fantastic.

First up we went for another unsuccessful walk to try and find some food and hot beverages before Church… We eventually decided we would just go to Church and get some food and coffee afterwards (I disappoint myself with how much I talk about coffee).

Church was pretty Kool. As I mentioned yesterday the head pastor at the Church we went to (Capitol Hill Baptist Church) is Mark Dever. I’m not a big fan of idolising pastors/Theologians/Bible teachers etc. So generally I don’t, or at least try not to. To me the people I like and listen to represent a depth in teaching which is quite uncommon and also most of them tend to think somewhat similarly (Theologically and methodologically) to what I do… even more uncommon! So I connect with them. All that to say – being that close to someone that I admire and who knows many of the other people I admire was a real treat, quite surreal.

After Church we got some breakfast/lunch at a place just off the ‘East Market’ (a market that runs everyday except Monday). Which has quite a few market type stalls and also some restaurants and a permanent grocer/market deal inside.

At the end of our market I got my second coffee (a cold drip coffee with ice) and we caught a bus to the National Archives. This was really one of my top life experiences so far. My best friend and I for the last 3, 4, 5… how ever many years have constantly talked about Theology and politics, and most of our political talk has in someway revolved around America. Both of us, think the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights are fantastic. So to have been passionate about this for that amount of time and to now see it/experience it in person was simply an awe inspiring time.

After the archives we saw the Washington Monument and then went to see if President Obama was keen for a coffee… The six (I mean six) fences between his shack and us gave a rather forbidding impression. So we decided we wouldn’t knock on the door.

Following this we part walked and part Taxi’d home and then the two sisters-in-law bought home some ingredients and my wife’s twin could a delicious Mushroom risotto.

Plenty more monuments, museums and such to explore tomorrow and REALLY looking forward to it!


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