nomumimnotdead Day 13.

Today was our final full day in New Orleans although we get a fairly decent chunk of the day here tomorrow as we fly out from the airport at 1730.

So the start of the day was fairly standard. I got up a little earlier than the rest and did a bit of Bible reading and eventually decided that my desire for coffee outweighed my desire to wait for a good coffee so I made a drip filter jug (which was significantly better than the last one we had made). However once the others were up and we were all ready we walked out of our apartment and went to catch a bus to a place for coffee that one of my sisters-in-law had found on ‘’. This place was another real win (it was called ‘Spitfire’ and was located in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Soooooo we had our coffee, a couple of us had two, then went and sat down at a place for breakfast. The waiter served us some iced water and… then it was collectively decided that this place wasn’t quite going to pass the mustard so we left a dollar as a thanks for the time and for the waters and rushed out fairly quickly (unfortunately our waiter managed to get to us before we had got away, but no real conflict ensued). We then googled another place which had 5 star reviews and even me, being the least in culinary ranking, wouldn’t have classed it at 5. But none-the-less it was food in the belly!

After a brief walk (and finding an antiques store, mostly containing guns and swords… very Kool!) We then went for a brief walk in the more citified area of New Orleans but there wasn’t a whole lot of interest for us there so we caught a really Kool old school tram (locally called a ‘street car’ or ‘trolley’ out of the C.B.D. and into the Garden District. The tram ride alone was enjoyable but the gardens and the houses in the Garden District are AMAZING. Definitely some ‘American Dream’ style houses there! We eventually got off the tram, it was quite hot so we found a cafe style thing and I had a nice big cup of iced tea 🙂 I didn’t know if I’d like iced tea (some of which is ‘sweet tea’ but much of the time here is literally black tea that is refrigerated with ice) but I’m a fan.

Then we got back on the tram and got off at a park called ‘Audubon Park’. This is worth a walk around, it’s pretty, you’re likely to see a couple of squirrels (though much shyer than the ones on Yosemite) and it’s just a nice calm, leisurely place to walk around. There’s also a zoo and golf course there.

After our walk down the park we walked down a fair bit of Magazine street, which eventually proved too much for us so we caught an uber home.

Credit goes to my lovely wife who whipped up a fine salad for dinner befoooorrreeee…. FOOTBALL!!!!!!!! Yes, we delved deeper into American culture by going to experience a game of gridiron! This is a story in itself though. We asked three or so people that we had come across during the day about the best way to buy tickets and they were all fairly confident that we’d be able to get tickets at the door, or on the streets (from what I think are called ‘scalpers’, which I’m still not sure are legit), they gave us a website or two to go to as well but we eventually decided we would just buy them at the door.

So having arrived our first shock was that you aren’t allowed to take in even small hand bags to the superdome (Mercedes Benz Superdome – New Orleans), so the two sisters-in-law went to a place where you can stow these away for a fee and my wife and I went to the box office to find tickets. A kind man in the line was quite upset and told us that “We shouldn’t waste our time at the box office” (at the door tickets) as they were $100 each! We were thankful for his advice but wanted to make sure it was true… it was! This almost threw our gridiron plans out. We then approached a scalper to buy some tickets off him. His fee was a fair bit more reasonable ($50 each) but was still more than we wanted to pay. Then when we tried to get 4 together off him (thinking we would get a bulk discount) but he instead informed us that 4 seats together would be $250!

As we were walking to go and pursue some other plans, my wife, being the woman she is, happened to ask a guy if he had tickets, he didn’t, but returned 30seconds later to kindly inform us that he had just got tickets for $20 off ‘NFL Ticket Exchange’. Could the rumour be true?!? It was!!! So we bought our tickets (if you ever do this make sure you take your phone, you show the box office your phone with the barcode on the screen and then they print your tickets at the box office). Then after quite an extensive walk through the superdome we eventually found our seats.

I really enjoyed watching the NFL, though it’s VERY stop, start-y and a match which consists of 4x15min quarters can take 4-5 hours in somewhat more extreme cases. The superdome was also AMAZINGLY cooled… like it was COLD (no mean feat for a stadium of that size, it’s fully enclosed incase the pictures don’t show that)! So even in summer take long pants and a jumper! Because of the cold and because not all of the company found the game and experience quite as enjoyable as myself, we left after the 3rd quarter had finished.

If when you travel, you travel to experience other cultures and not just to pursue your own culture whilst being physically situated in another country then you HAVE to go to a NFL game in America.

Oh, oh! and we caught a TOTALLY boss Uber car, sorry for the dodgy picture, I didn’t really want the bloke to know that I was photographing his car!

God bless y’all, thanks for reading!


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